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Autistic People Who Got Famous

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 8:21 am

1.Albert Einstein

Yes the greatest brain ever was indeed autistic. He was terrible when it came to social interactions and he was also terrible when it came to learning simple new things. That is why he is seen as not being your normal autistic person and instead is seen as being rather special in various ways.

2.Dan Aykroyd

Dan is quite open at the fact that he was diagnosed with Asperger's as a child. The fact that he then managed to take that and become a famous comedian and actor says a lot about him because both of them are very critical roles and that criticism is something that he must dread.

3.Michael Jackson

If Michael Jackson was indeed autistic, then it would not exactly be the biggest shock you will have today. It is strongly believed that he was actually suffering from Asperger's and you can understand how they reached that conclusion when you look at the way that he conducted himself in general and not just in his music.

4.Bill Gates

This is another one where it is only suspected because there are strong suspicions that Bill Gates may indeed have Asperger's. People will point to the attention to detail and that he does actually prefer peace and quiet and just to get on with things as possible indicators of a problem.

5.Bob Dylan

This has never been formally diagnosed, or made public perhaps, but there are strong suspicions amongst autism experts that Bob Dylan is indeed suffering from Asperger's. However, thankfully he has managed to turn it into something positive by producing some of the most iconic songs in the last few decades.

6.David Byrne

David is of course a great musician, but he was also diagnosed as having Asperger's earlier on in life. It is pretty amazing that he then manages to get up on stage and perform in front of thousands of people, but then the music allows him to somehow escape into his own world.

7.Courtney Love

Courtney was apparently diagnosed as suffering from a mild form of autism by one of the many different therapists that she has actually visited in her life. How much it affects her, or has affected her, is certainly something up for debate as people do not know how bad it is.


8.Tim Burton

Tim was actually diagnosed as having Asperger's by his wife when doing research for a movie. Apparently so many different things clicked when reading up about it before he was then formally diagnosed.


A number of experts have studied the life of Mozart and have come to the conclusion that he was indeed autistic. Once again it is due to the solitude and just wanting to make everything perfect that leads them to that conclusion.


10.Charles Darwin

Darwin was of course alive before autism had been discovered, but psychiatrists believe that he was indeed autistic due to two key areas. First, he had issues with social interaction, as he was a real loner, and secondly he had this amazing eye for detail and both of those together do indeed point to it.

11.Daryl Hannah

Daryl is quite open about being diagnosed as autistic and she is also very open at the fact that they wanted her taken into an institution when she was a child. However, she still managed to become a great actress, and there is more respect for her due to what she had to go through.


12.Andy Warhol

Even though he was never formally diagnosed it is a reasonable thing to assume that he was indeed autistic. Experts point to various things that he did and the lack of expressions, but it certainly did not hold him back when it came to his art.


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