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15 Awesome Professors That Everyone Wishes To Have

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 4:30 pm

Teachers and professors play critical role in everyone's life. We are all connected to them for a good fifteen to twenty years of our life, until we complete our education. There are good teachers, and then there are bad ones. You can recall those teachers whom you absolutely loved, and the ones who gave your nightmares and made your life miserable. Here are fifteen cool professors you wish you have in your school or university.
1.Professor All Prepared to Answer Students' Questions

'But, is it in the syllabus?' - We often hear folks in our classroom asking professors whether the concept or topic they are teaching is in the syllabus or not. This professor, as you can see from the image, decided to answer that question in style! He wore a tee that has 'it's in the syllabus' text printed on it.

Professor All Prepared to Answer Students' Questions-15 Awesome Professors That Everyone Wishes To Have

2.This Brutal Honest English Teacher

We all remember those life lessons teachers taught us. It is true that most of us find their teaching or preaching boring and useless. Most teachers and professors are either too sweet or too harsh. Here, we have someone whom we believe is a right blend. Despite being called f*ckers, we believe this professors' students still like him.

This Brutal Honest English Teacher-15 Awesome Professors That Everyone Wishes To Have

3.This Professor in a Minion Costume

There are many ways to win students' hearts. Not giving homework, or conducting tests, is surely one. The other way is to dress like a minion! We all love minions, don't we? In this picture, you can see a professor wearing minion costume, and giving a class. Was he teaching anatomy of minions there? You can find some really interesting drawings on the board and how he modified E.Coli to E.Minioni.

This Professor in a Minion Costume-15 Awesome Professors That Everyone Wishes To Have

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