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Benefits Of Meditation

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:14 pm

1.Helps you to sleep

If you are less stressed and calmer, then it makes sense that you will find it a lot easier to sleep. Meditation helps to calm the mind down, so when you go to bed it will not be filled with all of those negative thoughts that can keep you awake.

2.Helps weight loss

OK you are probably confused as to how this can help weight loss, but studies have shown that it can. The way it helps is that it allows you to focus on your goals and not get side tracked when you perhaps do not reach a certain target at a certain time. By being able to concentrate on what you are doing it makes it more likely you will then lose that weight.

3.Improves depression

Meditation can help to improve depression and indeed make people less likely to develop it in the first place. It does so by removing the anxiety and fears that play an integral role in the development of depression and of course it does it without any side effects whatsoever.

4.Lowers your health care bill

Due to it lowering your stress levels it does also mean that your health care bill will also be lower. This is because stress can cause all kinds of health problems, so it makes sense that if it is eliminated that you will benefit in more ways than one.

5.Makes you better as a person

Meditation makes us more compassionate as a person and this then makes us a better person as we are more approachable and easier to get along with. People that meditate have been shown to be responsible for more good behavior than those that do not.

6.Four elements

Everything that meditation can do for you is broken down into what are known as four elements. These four are body awareness, self-awareness, improving your attention, and improving your emotion. Each one plays a key role in our development.

7.Helps us even when not doing it

Meditation helps to change a part of our brain called the amygdala region and this is very susceptible to being stimulated emotionally. Studies have also shown that the changes continue to take effect even after it has stopped being stimulated.


8.Improves the sound of music

This may sound strange, but meditation has indeed been shown to improve the sound of music. It does this as it allows us to focus better on the sounds and we then have a better appreciation of what we are hearing.

9.Protects the brain

Meditation is capable of protecting the brain and the main thing that it protects us against is mental illness. Studies show that it improves the signaling connections within the brain itself resulting in it being better preserved as we age.


10.Improves performance

Meditation apparently helps to improve cognitive function and that will then help you in a number of other ways. It does this due to the fact that it allows your mind to be clear and to concentrate on various things leading to you getting a better understanding in a shorter period of time.

11.Lets you see your true self

Meditation allows us to really look at ourselves, but do so in a clear and controlled manner. Studies show that we can end up seeing different parts of our soul due to the way that meditation clears our mind and that can surely only be a good thing.


12.Reduces stress levels

This is perhaps the most well known benefit of meditation as everybody knows that it ends up making you feel a lot calmer. It does this by lowering the levels of cortisol in your body and that is well known as the stress hormone.


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