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Best Facebook Pranks

Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020, 6:08 pm

We all love playing pranks on our friends. They are a crucial part of friendship. But like technology pranking has also evolved in its insanity and the way it's done. With the evolution of internet and social media, pranking has become common on Facebook. Here are 12 hilarious Facebook pranks ever played.
10.Admission prank

Something as simple as posting this line about having an STD is more than enough to get a number of reactions from people online. As you can see the comments do vary, but the overall sense is that people are not that surprised or sympathetic to the person that the prank was played on.

Admission prank-Best Facebook Pranks

11.Multiple pranks

This is what happens when you leave your Facebook logged in and leave it alone. This person has had their account compromised by one of their friends and the result is them apparently admitting to several things in public. You have to admit that it is funny, but imagine explaining this to your parents.

Multiple pranks-Best Facebook Pranks

12.Password prank

This prank is very easy to do because there are a lot of rather stupid people on Facebook that will believe anything. As you can see here there are several people that fall for it here and at least you can then get access to their profile if you wish to do so.

Password prank-Best Facebook Pranks

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