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Best Reality Shows Ever

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 7:17 pm


Only the strong survive and the CBS show Survivor proves it. The show is one of the most gruesome reality shows on the planet. Contestants are put on a secluded island where they are forced to hunt for food, make their own shelter and fend for themselves as if they were cavemen. The show allows contestants to vote off other tribe members in a special ceremony. This system is carried out until only one contestant is left standing and his namedthe "Sole Survivor." Survivor made its television debut in 1997.

2.Big Brother

Big Brother is always watching you and this show proves it. The CBS show began in 1999 and has evolved over the years. Each summer 12-20 contestants gather in a huge house where they are followed by cameras 24/7. Houseguests compete in competitions to win prizes, food, immunity and more. Each week, one guest becomes HOH so they can boot other contestants and inch their way closer to winning the prize money at the end. The show has been plagued by controversy over the years due to the racist remarks made by contestants within the house.

3.Celebrity Apprentice/The Apprentice

When 'The Donald' says you're fired it's time for you to make a dramatic exit to a black vehicle. Mogul Donald Trump started The Apprentice back in 2004 to give up-and-coming everyday businessmen (and women) the opportunity to work with him in an effort to get some hands-on business experience. In 2008, Trump began Celebrity Apprentice, which gives Z-list celebrities the change to compete for the title, with them giving their award money to the charity of their choice.

4.The Real World

The Real world is MTV's longest running program in the history of the station. The first Real world aired in 1992 and the show has been going strong ever since. Initially, the show clumped together a group of strangers in one house (from all different backgrounds) to see how they would be able to survive in the house and way from the outside world. In the show's later years, some of the people in the house knew one another previously. Real World has spawned two spin-offs - The Challenge and Road Rules.

5.Flavor of Love

Flavor of Love is one of the most hilarious and unrealistic reality shows to ever grace television. The mere fact that VH1 wanted the world to believe that a group of women actually wanted to be with rapper Flavor Flav is comical. Still, the three installments of the show were extremely entertaining and gave the network some its highest ratings to-date.

6.The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race brings friends and couples closer together. The CBS reality-competition series makes contestants work for their prize money. Each season pairs are chosen to participate in various challenges and obstacles around the globe. The couple that comes in last at the end of each challenge is sent home. The pair who can complete the 'race' in a timely fashion is crowned the winners and given a nice cash prize to go home with.

7.Real Housewives Franchise

The Real Housewives franchise has taken over BRAVO. The first Real Housewives series, The Real Housewives of Orange County, premiered on the network back in March 2006.There are currently six versions of the series, which all focus on different cities. These versions are based in the cities of New York, Atlanta, Miami, New Jersey, Orange County, and Beverly Hills. While real housewives cook and clean, these women argue with one another and show off their latest Gucci bags.


8.Hell's Kitchen US

When your parents yell at you, it's scary. However, when Chef Gordon Ramsay yells at his subordinates, it's hilarious. Hell's Kitchen has been airing on FOX since 2006. The show brings together professional chefs who take part in challenges so they can win the title and go on to run one of Ramsay's five-star restaurants. After each challenge, the winners are rewarded, while the losers have to do daunting tasks to prove they're worthy of being on the show.

9.Top Chef

Top Chef combines a cooking competition with the old game show Double Dare. Each season chefs from across the USA unite to compete for the title of 'Top Chef.' Some of their challenges are unconventional, but it makes for good television. Most of the chefs from the show (both winners and losers) have gone on to open their own restaurants and have their own shows. Top Chef has been airing on BRAVO since 2006.


10.Project Runway

Project Runway goes behind the scenes to show the hard work that designers put in to make clothing and shoe lines. The show is hosted by Heidi Klum and features a group of designers who are vying for the title and chance to get their name out there in the fashion world. Project Runway has been on television since 2004.

11.America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model is one of the most beloved fashion-related reality shows. Creator Tyra Banks selects 12-15 girls each cycle to compete for the chance at a modeling contract. The girls take part in random photo shoots that they would probably never really do in the modeling world. And ever so often Banks decides one girl needs to cut off all her hair so she can look edgy. The show has bounced around networks over the years. ANTM made its TV debut in 2003.


12.Bad Girls Club

If you love to hear and see women scream, and throw things at one another then the Bad Girls Club is the show for you. Each season a bunch of random girls are grouped into a huge house. The main requirement to be on this show is that you must be psychotic. The Bad Girls Club has been airing on Oxygen since 2006.


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