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Best VPN Companies

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 6:06 pm

1.Unblock US

This one is slightly different in that it changes your country, but it does not provide you with all of the security features that you get with others. However, if you are looking for something basic, then this is going to be ideal.


If you are wanting to really get the most out of this company, then do yourself a favor and splash out the cash for the premium version rather than use the free one. In all honesty the free one is very, very slow, but when you upgrade you will be rather pleasantly surprised at how well it works.


This is one of the VPN companies that you have probably heard of and indeed you may have also used them at some point. Quite simply they are massive as they have over 260 different servers in more than 50 countries and that in itself is pretty impressive. If you are new to a VPN, then this may very well be the company for you.


This is a VPN that has actually been recommended by a number of different websites and that alone should tell you something quite important about them. You will have no bandwidth limit and they are very, very big on privacy.


When it comes to names that are well respected in the industry, then Witopia is right up there. The speeds available do vary by quite a reasonable amount, but that is no different to so many of the other VPN companies out there. They do no recording or logging either, so you can feel safe and secure using them.


This company has servers in 10 countries including the likes of Singapore and Turkey. They focus on their speed and they are seen as being the fastest out there by a number of people in the industry, but of course it is the security and anonymity that is the most important and they certainly win on that as well.

7.Strong VPN

This company is quite expensive for what it does, but that is certainly not something that should put you off. They do not scan what you do or log what you do, so from a security point of view they are pretty good.



With access points spread across 12 different countries it is no surprise that a lot of people are now turning to this company. People say that the download speeds are pretty impressive, so you should not suffer from any real lagging unless it is your hardware that is the issue.


If you are looking for help with your smart phones, then this could very well be the company for you. They have a number of servers in both Europe as well as Asia and they are also seen as being one of the most reliable out there.


10.Private Internet Access

When it comes to anonymity, then there are very few companies out there that are better than this one. One of their key features is that you can be on here along with somebody from Australia and you will both have the same IP. That makes it harder to work out who is doing what and this is a pretty cool feature.


This company has servers in almost 20 different countries and if you take out their premium subscription you will also have no limits when it comes to bandwidth. It is easy to use, it is fast, and it does what it is supposed to do, so is it any surprise that it is so popular?



This company is an absolute expert at allowing you to view various streams that are otherwise blocked due to where you live. You do have a cloaking option with one of their services and you can also attach your Playstation as well.


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