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Best Wall 3D Graffiti

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 11:54 am

1.The tunnel

This tunnel design does make you feel as if you can just drive right through it, but surely no driver will have been caught out by it? The way in which it has been painted really does lead your eyes to question what is going on as every single part of it looks so real from every conceivable angle. This artist is very talented even if they have been the cause of several cars crashing into a wall.


The big question you will ask yourself here is whether or not this piece of graffiti is on the inside or the outside due to the scene it portrays. There is so much life going on here that you feel as if you have walked into the middle of a scene with those three characters at a table and even the cat playing a part. It may not be the most vibrant piece of graffiti that you will have ever seen, but it is exceptionally well done.

3.Fake wall

This piece of 3D graffiti is certainly something that is going to easily confuse you from the moment you start to check it out. It is extremely deceptive in what it is doing because you will easily find yourself believing that those stairs do actually exist, but with you getting a surprise when you realize that there is still a wall there.

4.The bugs

These rather cool characters do feel as if they are about to leap out at you from the wall with their toothy grins being pushed into your face. There has to have been so much work gone into this piece of graffiti that you wonder how long it took the artist to complete it, but no matter the length of time it is something that you cannot fail to enjoy looking at.

5.The city

This entire thing is actually painted against a flat wall, but it is still capable of completely fooling both your eyes and your brain from the moment you look at it. This is one talented artist and you could argue that it is more than just graffiti, but no matter your thoughts you just need to step back and take a look at it and appreciate the talent that is on show with this single painting.

6.Giant bee

This giant bee is enough to spook anybody that has a thing about them in the first place. The detail on it is outstanding and you would be forgiven for thinking that you really were looking at a giant version of this particular insect. It is very easy to imagine it buzzing around and you trying to swat it with you completely forgetting that it is actually a piece of art.

7.The sea

Imagine coming across this in the middle of the city and how it would make you stop and check what you are looking at. This is a rather simple piece of wall graffiti compared to others, but it does still give you the impression of looking at something completely different and feeling as if you could actually smell the sea air.



If you love sci-fi, then you are going to love this piece of graffiti as there is so much going on in this single wall. It does make you feel as if the warrior is leaping off the wall and shooting at something behind you and the depth to the painting really does also add to the overall feeling you get from looking at it. This is one cool piece of art.

9.Boy painting

This piece of graffiti is simple, but it is extremely effective when it comes to the image that it portrays. The boy is seen as being quite innocent with his painting, but it is the way in which he lifts up the wall to paint under it that really does bring this to life. It really is a fantastic piece of art all on its own.



If you love Gollum, then you are going to love this piece of graffiti. The entire piece of art really does just come to life and the drawing of him is very detailed making it easy to identify him from the outset. The way in which you can peek inside and see a tunnel going off into the distance also adds to the overall effect of the graffiti making it one of the best 3D pieces you will see.

11.The pillars

Some would argue that this is not graffiti, but in actual fact it is just on a massive scale. These pillars are so well done that you get the impression that you are looking inside at the very fabric of the building. Once again it is the way in which the walls have been designed that really grab your attention and there is no doubt it would stop you in your tracks if you were going past.


12.The driller

This piece of graffiti is cool, but also effective with the way that the wall appears to have burst open revealing this worker inside. In actual fact the perception given by the wall is perhaps the best part since it makes you feel as if you could also climb in there yourself. The nice little touch of having the cable hanging over the edge and even the hard hat just adds a little bit extra to an already fantastic piece of art.


This might only be an abstract design, but you instantly feel as if you could reach out and touch it and all of the points and sharp edges that you see before you. The fact that it is all done with shadow and light is amazing and it is certainly much better than the simple plain scrawls you see elsewhere.

14.The Audi

There are a few things going on with this piece of wall graffiti as first of all you do look at the car and feel as if it is lifting up off the wall, but secondly you also wonder what is going on at the back of it with that piece that has basically managed to fall off. The artist is obviously talented and the entire thing is very well done and would you not love a car like that?

15.The tomb

This piece of graffiti on the side of a normal building really is outstanding as it does make you feel as if you are peering into an Ancient Egyptian tomb, The detail in it is amazing and even having the piece of wall lying propped up against the side helps to create the entire feeling of being there and you can only imagine how long it took for the artist to produce this.


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