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Best Ways To Save Money On Gas

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 5:22 pm

1.Ride A Bike

If you really want to save money on gas, and save the environment while you're at it, try riding a bike to work. If you work close enough where you can get there by bike, and live in a climate that allows year round riding, it's the best way to get your exercise in before work, while saving a few bucks each week.


Carpooling is a great way to save money on gas, and make friends at the same time. If you going to the same location, think about carpooling with neighbors, family and friends. Not only will you use less gas, when it's not your turn to drive, you also have other people helping to pay for your gas when it's your turn. And, one big benefit is you get to drive in the carpool lane, avoiding most traffic.

3.Choose A Smaller Car

Size does matter! Smaller cars get more miles to the gallon. Why? Because they are lighter. The less weight the engine has to move, the less gas it uses. It's a simple matter of math. Driving a smaller car will get you there for a lot less money, so you can buy yourself an outfit and dazzle when you arrive.

4.Keep Your Air Filter Clean

A dirty air filter can cause your car to use more and more gas. As the engine works harder it uses more gas. When the filter is dirty, it cause all the parts of the engine to work more. Check your air filter regularly, and make sure to change it when it gets dirty.

5.Check Your Gas Cap

Check your gas cap, and make sure it is on tightly after ever gas refill. Too many drivers do not secure the cap, causing gas to flow out. A broken gas cap can also go unnoticed until the next refill. If you notice this, get it fixed right away, otherwise you are just pouring gas down the road ... and paying for it.

6.Stop Speeding

Speeding will not only get you a pulled over and ticketed, it will also eat up more gas. The faster you go the more gas you use. So it is costing you more money to get there fast. An alternative is to leave earlier and give yourself plenty of time to drive the speed limit.

7.Don't Ride The Brake

A lot of drivers ride the brake. What does that mean? It's the act of leaving your foot constantly on the brake rather than the gas pedal. This causes drag on the engine that is working extra hard to propel the car forward, using up more gas than is necessary.


8.Keep Your Trunk Load Light

The heavier your car is the more gas it uses. Many people tend to stuff their trunks with junk that accumulates over time, adding unneeded weight to the vehicle. This creates a drag on the engine, in addition to using more gas. Give your trunk a good clean-out at the beginning of winter and summer.

9.Don't Idle

Leaving your car idling for any length of time is a big gas burner. If you are waiting for someone, turn the car off until they are in your vehicle. Unfortunately, being stuck in traffic can cause you to idle for long periods of time. One solution may be to leave earlier or later, to avoid rush hour.


10.Get An Alignment

If your car is out of alignment, your car can burn more gas. A regular tune-up is essential to smooth running of your vehicle, but if you suspect that you are using more gas than usual, a visit to the auto shop is in order. Just getting your car aligned can solve the problem fast.

11.Peeling Out

A heavy foot on the gas uses a lot of gas. Those that hit the gas, and peel out, from a stopped position, at every stop sign or stop light, are using more gas than they need to. The fast starts and abrupt stops can empty your tank much faster than easing into the gas pedal and break.


12.Take Public Transportation

The best way to save money on gas is to take public transportation. Depending on where you live, this can be the bus, train, shuttle or combination of any of the three. These methods of getting to work, or getting around are much cheaper than gas, and also keeps traffic to a minimum.


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