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Best Animals For Pets

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 6:52 pm


This animal may surprise some, but a ferret can be a lot of fun even if you do think that they look a bit strange. The only thing you need to do is to watch them running up your trouser leg and nipping you, but if you can survive that, then they are fantastic pets.


If a budgie is too small, then how about a parrot? These guys can live for a long time and at least you can teach them to speak giving you hours of entertainment and with there being a lot of species to choose from you could end up with something quite colorful.


A lizard does require certain equipment, but if you can afford that stuff, then something along the lines of a gecko can actually be quite a cool pet. This little guy is just so funny to look at that you could probably imagine owning him and it being an absolute delight.


A chicken is certainly a lot different for a pet, but it does actually work very well and at least you can get eggs in the morning. They may not be the first type of pet you think about, but they are funny to watch just as long as you can deal with the noise.


A rabbit must be one of the most popular pets for kids in existence because just look at this little fellow. They are just there to be picked up and cuddled and they are a lot of fun, just watch out when having two or you could have loads of baby ones.

6.Guinea Pig

A guinea pig is slightly bigger than a gerbil and indeed some of them are massive, but generally speaking they are cute and cuddly. They do not take much looking after and you are going to love owning one as they will give you their own form of love back in return.


A gerbil is in the same kind of bracket as a hamster in that they are small and cute, but you cannot cuddle them. They are actually a lot of fun to have as they will run around like mad and entertain you, so do seriously consider getting one.



A budgie has been a favorite pet for a long time and it is easy to see why. People love trying to get them to say things and they always seem to be that happy as they whistle and chirp away and they also look rather nice as well.


If you are allergic to fur and animal hair, then a fish is going to be the best bet for you when it comes to having a pet. Sure you do not have to keep them in a glass like this and there are so many to choose from that it can ultimately become more like a hobby than anything else.



The only problem with a hamster is that it does only tend to live for a couple of years, but during that time you are going to have a lot of fun. They are small, cute, and even though they are not cuddly you cannot help but love them.


A cat is very much its own character, but they can be so much fun to have as you never know what they are going to do next. They are so inquisitive that you can watch them for hours, so if you are bored, then a cat is the ideal pet.



A dog is an obvious choice when it comes to a great pet because just look at these two pups and say that they are not cute and you just want to cuddle them? They are so friendly, and they will give you so much love that you will just adore having them.


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