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Best Close Enough Memes

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 7:04 pm

1.How true is this?

So many people can relate to this because how often do you look at something that appears on a game and decide you are going to copy it only to fail miserably? You really do always end up doing something completely different and basic and then look at it with pride when in all honesty you should be looking at it with shame.

2.Paper by Dre

OK so you cannot afford the real thing, so what do you do? Most people would buy a cheaper pair of headphones in order to still listen to the music, but not this guy because instead he has decided to make his out of paper and draw on it.

3.Good attempt dog

Well he saw the obstacle, he lined up for it, he ran, he jumped, he missed it completely, but at least he tried. It is actually a shame because do you see the determination on his face? He must have felt so ashamed by the end of it.

4.Strike that pose

Well it is one thing loving a movie and a character in the movie, but it is something else when you feel like trying to copy a pose. If you plan on doing this, then at least make sure you look a bit like them in the first place or you just end up with something that looks like this.

5.Is there a difference?

Go on admit it, you had a double take with this photograph to see if there was indeed a difference. What on earth as she had done to her lips? They just look absolutely ridiculous and it would be like kissing a sink plunger.

6.What a cool little guy

Well it is obvious as to what the little kid on the left is trying to do and you have to say that he manages to get the pose to look like his idol. Yeah he doesn't have the size, but ten out of ten for trying.

7.It's like her twin

Ahh yes this photograph makes it look as if it is a mirror reflection due to the way in which they both look so similar. In actual fact scrap that because the only thing they have in common is that they are both human.


8.The similarities

Ahh yes it is very easy to mistake the legs on the left for the straws on the right. Come on, can you not see that the straws are two different colors and the legs are both the same shade???

9.Well that is unfortunate

Those two words that you enter on forms can be annoying when they are random and make no sense. However, surely it is even worse when they appear to be offering you advice at the same time?


10.Funny looking onions

There is just something wrong about this picture because there is a strange feeling that if you tried to make French onion soup with this ingredient that it would not turn out like you hoped. Surely they would have noticed this mistake early on?

11.Well you gave it a shot

You just know that this has been wrapped by a guy and to be honest it is quite a good effort on his part. Everybody knows that when it comes to wrapping presents that guys are useless at it and this is a prime example, but at least it is wrapped in a box inside.


12.Keep trying

Well you know it's going to be on his back, so he will never really see it, so surely just getting close enough to the drawing is going to do? Look it has wings, it has four legs and it looks like a flying vibrator, but he must be happy with it?


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