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Best File Sharing Websites

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:59 am


Sharefile is more about the business side of file sharing and that is one reason why it has become a lot more popular as people are less worried about viruses and having their computers infected. It may not be as busy as others out there, but it is certainly a lot safer.


FileFactory is pretty fast at working even when you use the free version and that is one reason why it has become a popular file sharing website. Obviously they are like others in that they want you to pay, but in actual fact there is little need to do this as the free part is so good.


2Shared says it is the easiest way to upload and share files and it is difficult to actually disagree with that when you have a go at the website. It will allow you to do everything in just a couple of clicks of your mouse and of course downloading is just as easy as uploading.


Rapidshare is certainly one of the old guards when it comes to uploading and downloading data online. It really has been around since pretty much the beginning of this particular industry and the number of files, and the size of their servers, is certainly impressive, so if it is not on there it may be difficult to find it.


This is more like a search engine for files that have been uploaded online, but even with that it is very impressive and it does deliver on its promises. You simply type in your keywords, hit search, and wait for it to do its thing.


This website is going to host your files via you simply setting up a profile and clicking one button. It really is as simple as that and you will then find that others can download them or you can download what other people have done even via the free button.


Mega is one of the new kids on the block after a few high profile websites were closed down in the last couple of years. It tries to stick to the rules, but uses cloud technology, so it can get around various laws allowing it to upload a wide range of files.



As they say next to their name, you can download everything, although they do remove certain files from time to time, so that may not be entirely true. However, it is a site that does the basics very well indeed and when you are looking for files that is all you need.


Uploaded is quite smooth when it comes to how it operates and the download speeds, and upload for that matter, are pretty impressive. You will be able to browse through the site with no problems whatsoever and get downloading those all important files immediately.



Zippyshare has been around for some considerable time and it has made itself one of the most respected names on the Internet. They do take down files from time to time, so there are a number of broken links, but the search button should take you back to the items you are looking for.


This site is like the others in that it does have both a free and premium option, but in all honesty the free one works just as well even though you have to wait a bit in order to download things. However, the site is well structured, the search works well, and ultimately you should be able to find all kinds of things on here. 

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It is perhaps fair to say that this file sharing website is now the biggest online. You will be amazed at the number of files that are held on their servers and ultimately you will more than likely be able to find whatever you are looking for on this site.


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