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Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 3:56 pm

1.Jeet Kune Do

This is the martial art that was created by Bruce Lee, so you know that not only will you be able to defend yourself, but it is also going to be very cool to learn. This martial art is not easy and it does include aspects of various martial arts and combines them into this one discipline.

2.Wing Chun

Wing Chun is another form of kung-fu, and it does share a number of the same characteristics, so you could easily confuse the two. However, this tends to be from a different part of China, so some basics are different, but you will still be able to really defend yourself if you study this martial art.

3.Kung Fu

This is the martial art that kids around the world will try to imitate wherever possible, but what they do not realize is that it is actually all about discipline and takes years to master. These Shaolin monks are pretty unique in what they can do, but kung-fu in general is a great way to defend yourself.


Judo is all about throwing people as well as various holds where you can bust an arm or make them pass out through a strangle hold. This is another martial art where it is more about the technique, so even a small person can throw somebody a lot bigger than them if they know what they are doing.


After karate this is probably the most popular martial art in the world and indeed there are now classes all over most cities where you can go and learn it. This martial art is quite fast, so you will be able to deal with situations in next to no time and do so efficiently so the danger then passes.


OK so you will have to work hard to get to do something like this, but basically this is the martial art that you have to learn in order to become a ninja. This is all about skill, balance, protection, and dealing with the situation efficiently and as quickly as possible.


Karate has to be the most popular martial art in the world today and indeed it is often one of the first ones that kids will be taken along to by their parents. It does teach you real discipline as well as how to defend yourself through a series of punches and kicks, so you can see how it would be good for defending yourself.



Aikido is amazingly graceful as you learn how to use the momentum of others to your advantage resulting in them being thrown all over the place like rag dolls. This is one of those martial arts where it is actually deceptive as to how useful it is and due to it being all about technique rather than power it is good for people of all strengths.

9.Combat JuJutsu

This is the classic version of the martial art, so you are going to learn how to throw people, punch them, and kick them while always protecting yourself. It is actually quite a good all-round martial art, but you do need to be quite fit to do it.


10.Krav Maga

This was a martial art that was created by an Israeli and it is what law enforcement and armies around the world use for hand to hand combat. It is all about fighting dirty with the least amount of effort, oh and you learn how to disarm people with weapons as well.

11.Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is the martial art that is used in MMA and you know how those guys can defend themselves and attack with speed and power. It includes aspects of various martial arts and combines them into one lethal system.


12.Muay Thai

This is also known as kickboxing and you can immediately see how it would be an effective way to defend yourself if required to do so. This teaches you how to punch and kick, so at least you can defend yourself from a bit of a distance and inflict a lot of pain.


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