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Bizarre Things That Washed Up On Beaches

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 2:25 pm

1.Shipping containers

These enormous, unsightly things washed up on a beach in New Zealand in 2012. It seems they were tossed from a cargo ship when the vessel hit some rough waves. It's not clear whether anyone was harmed during the accident, but at least, there was no damage to any Hobbits.

2.The East River Monster

This hideous thing was found washed up under the Brooklyn bridge in April of this year. It is believed by many to be a raccoon. But who can say for certain? Until it can be identified with complete certainty, it will be called the East River monster because, well.. what else do you call something with a face like that? Suzy?

3.dead herrings

Sometimes the fish just make the fishermen's jobs way too easy. Like when earlier this year, forty thousand pounds of dead herrings simply washed ashore in Norway. Yes, this actually happened and the best anyone can do to explain it is to suggest they may have been chased ashore by a killer whale.

4.Grand piano

No, this picture is not a still image from a classic 80s music video. There really was a grand piano that had somehow gotten washed up on a beach in Florida. I have no idea how such a thing happened but I bet the thing was a little out of tune after it wound up in the Sunshine State.

5.Lots of seaweed

Like many other items on this list, seaweed is not at all an usual sight in the ocean. But a gigantic influx of the stuff washing up on China's east coastline is bizarre enough to make number twelve on our list. The scientific reason has something to do with a breakout of algae bloom. But I think it would be more cool if they blamed it all on aliens.

6.Manta rays

One of the largest living fish, Manta rays are pretty imposing creatures. At least, when they're not laying dead on a beach in Gaza City. In February of 2013, more than two hundred unimposing Manta rays littered the beach to the delight of local fishermen who hurriedly carried them to market.

7.Packets of tea

Residents of a beach in India got a pleasant surprise in 2010 when nine containers of tea floated ashore, the result of a collision between two cargo ships. Many villagers swam through oil to seize upon their lucky day and take advantage of the sudden influx. Some may still be waiting for crumpets.


8.Shot dolphin

A dolphin washing up on the shore is sad, but, in itself, not especially puzzling. However, a dolphin that appears to have died as a result of a bullet hole in its torso may require some explanation. So far, no explanations have been made, but I've always suspected that those shady stingrays have mob ties.

9.Montauk monster

This lovely creature was spotted in 2008 on a beach in New York. Not only is its reason for washing up on a New York beach unknown to pretty much everyone, but its precise identity is a puzzle as well. Some scientists have speculated that it is a bloated, decomposed raccoon. But apparently calling it the Montauk monster just sounds cooler.


10.Giant Lego Man

A sight like this would be pretty strange anywhere in the world. But seeing it washed up on a beach is just plain weird. Better yet, the figure -- whose name is apparently Ego Leonard -- has been spotted on four different beaches. The message printed on his chest, "No real than you are," is as big a mystery as his beached status.

11.Rubber ducks

The most adorable littered beach of all time had to have been the 1992 influx of rubber ducks that fell off a cargo ship. Amazingly, the cute little water pollutants are still washing ashore today -- over twenty years after the initial accident. Better yet, because of the central location of the duck explosion -- the middle of the Pacific ocean -- the ducks are washing up all over the world.



Because of a cargo container that had some difficulty remaining sea worthy, a beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina found itself littered with thousands of packages of Doritos in 2006. The unsightly mess, however, was cleaned up in very short order -- by beachcombers who wanted free Doritos.

13.dead birds

It's not unusual to find the occasional deceased bird on the beach. But when six thousand of them wash up on a beach in a single calendar year, we can conclude that something odd is going on. According to scientists, the odd thing is botulism poisoning. But they have assured fisherman that the water is safe for human consumption.

14.A giant whale

This image, taken at Breezy Point Beach in Queens, New York, is of a fin back whale that had apparently died of hunger. Given the abundance of available marine life that could serve as meals for this and other whales of its size, this whale's demise is hard to figure out.


Squids are an extremely common form of marine life. But like most marine life, they spend most of their existences actually swimming in the water, not washed up outside of it, dead. Therefore the image in the picture, seen on California's shores in 2012, could be considered something of a mystery.


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