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Chinese Fake Brands And Copycats

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021, 7:04 pm


Tide has been a number one cleaning product for years. Tihz, not so much, but in the blink of an eye you might think you have the same product. In fact, Americans traveling abroad may just assume that the name for Tide is Tihz overseas. Clever trick to sell a product.

2.Johns Daphne Tenderness Whiskey

John is another name for Jack, but Daphne is definitely not another name for Daniels. Regardless, with the bottle packaging looking so similar to the infamous Jack Daniels brand, this company is attempting to knock off one of the most popular brands in whiskey, but will people prefer good old Jack to new comer John?


A pear is just a bottom heavy apple. So when this company decided to knock off Apple, a pear would make sense. To the eye it looks similar and is enough to make some people believe they have a product that will act the same way as the original, however, it is unlikely the case.


Tuna, Puma, potato, tomato. They all sound kind of the same, but are so different. A Puma is a fast running cat that is the mascot for a brand of athletic wear. What does a tuna have with to do with speed and agility, other than the fact that the name sounds similar to the original brand?


One of the ways that people remember the letters in the brand Adidas is the acronym, All Day I Dream About sex. So in the case of this knock off, what are we to say. All Day Ah Dream About sex? Is it a slang, urban brand or just some company trying to dupe people into buying their product?

6.Space Wars

Star Wars, Space Wars, what's the difference. Stars are in space, so technically you would think it's the same thing. That's what the manufacturers of this toy are hoping people think as they capitalize on the money making machine of the Star Wars franchise. We have to wonder if that's R2D2 inside or R3D3.


Switch out some "N's" with a couple of "M's" and you have an entirely new brand of beer, right? Not. But, package it in the infamous green packaging with the same lettering, and you've got yourself a winner. Heimekem is a big seller with its similarity to beer giant, Heineken.



When using the same color scheme, font and graphic as a leading brand, you can probably fool some people, or maybe even most people. Sunbucks Coffee is obviously not Starbucks Coffee, but is the difference really. Well the sun shines during the day and the stars come out at night. Other than that, is coffee just really coffee?


This is actually funny. A knock off of the popular Wii brand, this WiWi brand in America means more than video games. A big seller in China, WiWi has all the features of Wii and for some people, they might not even notice, or care, that it is not the real deal.



Colonel Sanders won't be happy to see the KFC brand copied and altered to be OFC. It's funny how many people wouldn't notice the change of one letter and the fact that the guy pictures looks nothing like the colonel, but it doesn't seem to stop people from eating there.

11.Cerono Extra

What's the difference between Corona and Cerono beer? Well, besides a few vowels, the taste may be a little off because this beer is trying to pose as Corona, but its not. Some people might not mind the slight difference to save some money, but it's quite shifty and easily mistaken.


China is known for its brand name knock offs using names so similar to the original that if you looked quickly, you couldn't tell the difference. This PolyStation is a knock of off PlayStation and is a big seller to unsuspecting people, or those who know and want to save a buck.


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