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Clever "science Can Be Fun" Ads

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 8:47 am

1.That's a lot of bugs

You have to say that this is a lot of bugs and it is a stomach turning thought that we have actually managed to eat that amount in a single year. You will probably now be wishing that you could make sure you slept with your mouth shut.

2.Well where are they?

At this point you will be wondering how your turkey never has any gold nuggets and only contains the innards of the turkey. Can we ever be lucky enough to find a gold nugget in anything never mind a turkey?

3.A big heart

We all know that the whale is a massive creature, but imagine having a heart the size of this car. You have to say that this is a very clever advert because it is really going to get people thinking about how the overall size of this creature if we were standing next to it.

4.Walking on water is a miracle

Yes you are immediately going to wonder how this can indeed be the case because surely we cannot walk on water? How is this ever going to be possible? The important thing is that it is possible and of course it is going to be a lot of fun for you finding out.

5.Sterile urine on tap

Well urine may indeed be sterile, but you are still going to think twice about doing anything else with it other than just get rid of it out of our body. However, it does then make you think a bit more about the science and how it is indeed sterile in the first place.

6.A lot of snot

This advert will appeal to kids because yet again they are going to love finding out this kind of thing about our body. A litre just seems like so much snot and to do it every single day is something that will probably just turn your stomach.

7.A lot of carbon

This is the kind of fact that will tend to make you stop in your tracks and wonder how it could actually be possible for that to be the case. Most people will not even be aware of us having carbon in us never mind being able to make all of those pencils.


8.Stay away from the blue

How can something such as a mosquito prefer a particular color? The next question is how we then worked out that they prefer the color blue to anything else?

9.A heavy necklace

Clearly you are not going to have a 6kg pearl on a necklace or you would absolutely cripple yourself and be unable to walk around. The big question now is how they can get so big and what then happens to them?


10.Spacious advert

Well this advert is all about how your eyes move, so it makes a lot of sense to go ahead and have the words to the advert spread all over the entire area. Of course this is going to make you move your eyes, but then the hope is it will start to make you want to find out more about it.

11.A scary thought

Well if you are going to be doing something about how being scared can help parts of your body, then is there a better character to actually include in an advert? It is well thought out and surely it is going to attract more people to it?


12.Kids will love this

This is the kind of fact that kids will always love because you know how they are around farts in general. You will be able to see how you can then attract them to science as they will want to find out how all of that works, so it is a very clever advert.


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