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Companies With The Worst Customer Service

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021, 6:55 pm

1.RadioShack Deserves All The Flack

RadioShack is so far behind other electronic stores when it comes to offering modern-day items that it's surprising that it's still opening. To add insult to injury, their customer service is so bad that they'd be better off hiring a posse of 5-year-olds to help customers. If you bought an item from them and need to get it fixed, it will cost you twice as much. Chances are they'd probably destroy the item even more just so they could get more money out of you.

2.American Airlines - You Might As Well Take the Train

American Airlines used to be one of the top-notch companies to travel with. Sadly, those days are long gone. The customer service is so amateur that if you attempt to book a flight to California, you'll probably end up in Dubai instead. If you need to fly somewhere and American Airlines is the only option, you should just stay home and wait until another airline has the services you need.

3.USPS AKA Even Though We Lost Your Mail, It's Still Your Problem

The poor customer service over at USPS makes you want to send letters and packages by carrier pigeon. Companies usually take accountability for mishandling items or losing them, but not USPS. If one of their workers loses your package, you have to go on a wild goose chase to get it back. Not to mention, it takes you 40 days and 40 nights to even get through to a rep on the phone.

4.Walmart - Enough Said

The customer service at Walmart makes you wonder if the company simply hires anyone who applies. You could be standing in the same aisle as an employee with a look of bewilderment on your face, and still not be asked if you need help. On sale days most of the employees don't seem like they want to be bothered and have all-around just given up on actually doing their job.

5.Time Warner Cable Will Make You Want Basic TV Again

Time Warner Cable is recognized as one of the companies with the worst customer service. From billing mix-ups, over charges, hidden charges and just plain rude customer service reps. The amount of complaints posted around the web about this company is mind blowing. If Time Warner is the only cable provider in your area, save yourself the trouble and just watch television on the internet.

6.UPS Customer Service Resembles the Color of their Uniforms

UPS prides itself in delivering packages in a quick and efficient manner, as well as offering outstanding customer support. That would be a true statement if the agents didn't hang up on customers, tell them the wrong information or put them on hold for extended periods of time. When the head honchos chose that fecal matter colored uniform, they knew exactly what they were doing because the service resembles just that.

7.Department of Motor Vehicles Customer Service Reps Are Never Happy

The customer service agents that work at the Department of Motor Vehicles must all be drained of their soul. Finding a kind representative that works at the DMV is like trying to find a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it. You can greet the workers there with a huge smile and get little to no reciprocation from the reps. The DMV has to have the worst customer service in the world.


8.Apple Inc. Will Take a Bite Out Of Your Pockets

Apple has an insane amount of customers, which is shocking since their customer service isn't the greatest. Reps in the Apple Store are friendly and helpful. But if you're trying to contact Apple via e-mail or phone, you'll be pulling out your hair for days. If you have an issue, most of the time, Apple will send you an automated e-mail that has absolutely nothing to do with what you asked. On top of that, if you purchase something by accident, it will take a miracle for them to give it to you without you having to threaten them with legal action.

9.McDonald's - Sometimes You Love It

You will not be lovin' it if you go to McDonald's at the wrong time. Some reps at McDonald's are on their feet all day, and instead of taking a break to regenerate, they take their frustration out on customers. Rather than greeting customers with a smile and a wink, some of these reps have more attitude than a kid who can't get access to their pacifier.


10.Sprint Customer Service

Sprint may have some of the best mobile plans around, but their customer service makes you want to run to MetroPCS. If you call in about a phone issue, be prepared to repeat yourself at least four more times. Most of the representatives are very seasoned when it comes to the technology, but when it comes to actually being able to communicate that information with customers; they fail most of the time.

11.Dell and Its Unqualified Customer Service

If you own a Dell computer, unplug it and toss it out the window. Dell reportedly has one of the worst customer service teams. You can call in to ask about your motherboard and somehow the tech will have you dismantling your computer to get to the hard drive instead.


12.Facebook's Slow Customer Service

Good luck trying to contact Facebook's customer service team. The social network is changing every day and with those modifications, comes complaints. If you're lucky enough to get a response from customer service it can take up to a week, if not longer. You'd be better off creating a new account and starting over, instead of trying to get help with an issue.


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