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15 Cool Tattoos For Men That Make You Say WOW!

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 9:56 am

Hey, are you or your friend looking to get a new tattoo? Are you guys searching for some cool tattoo ideas? We know it's going to be a long and exhaustive research because there are far too many tattoo types to choose from. Quotes, abstract designs, favorite cartoon, and comic book characters, etc. Numerous tattoo categories easily confuse many. Let's not add more confusion to your tattoo idea research, but show you some good tattoo ideas for men that may help you. Here are fifteen cool tattoos for men that look amazing, and are very popular. 

Getting quotes as tattoos is very common, but the placement and what they say are the two key areas that you need to think about. Clearly you need to choose a quote that is short and to the point such as the one in this image and the idea of having four words with two on each side does also work well with the chest. Think about this carefully and get advice on the quote before getting it done.

2.Gun and roses

There is something quite manly about getting guns as a tattoo somewhere and this combination with the roses does appear to work very well indeed. The symmetry is the all important part here as it gives it balance and you can just imagine how bad it would have looked if it was just the one gun on one side. Instead, the guy has been clever with his tattoo resulting in something that is seriously cool.

3.Owl and skull

This owl and skull combo is cool and you see how it does cover so much of the chest without being too over the top. The artwork that has gone into this is unbelievable and the entire image is very well balanced and the colors are just right for the image. In actual fact the eyes of the owl are the scariest part of it all as they are piercing eyes that just stare at you.


Clearly this guy is a fan of Spiderman, but look beyond that and appreciate the tattoo for what it really is, which is something that is cool and works very well when it is done on the chest. It may not be the most detailed of tattoos, but it does put across the message that it is intended for and it is undoubtedly something that would make you bare your chest at every given opportunity.

5.Eye tattoos

The idea of the all seeing eye is not a new thing, but having them on your arms like this is certainly different and it looks cool when they are done on both arms. It makes good use of a good space and this is a tattoo that really does work in just black because color would ruin it as it would just look strange. Instead, this tattoo is very well balanced and you would be forever lifting up your arms to show them off.

6.Skull hand

The way that this picture is posed is actually quite freaky and you know that this guy does this on a regular basis. The actual design is cool and it just all fits in nicely on the hand. It may not be for everybody having their hand tattooed in this way, but you have to admit that it does work well for some guys such as this example.

7.Chest tattoo

This tattoo is cool, but also quite freaky at the same time with the two female faces looking back at you and with what appears to be some blood tattooed on as well. The strange part is of course the way his nipples are showing as it makes him look like her has some top on, but the actual art is first class and seriously well designed.


8.Monk tattoo

Having a monk as a tattoo may not be the first thing that you think of, but when you see how cool it can look, then maybe you will change your mind. The entire picture is very well done complete with the water flowing past and this tattoo really is a work of art. There is not a lot of color in it, but that works well as too much would ruin the effect.

9.Skull tattoo

This has to be one of the coolest back tattoos you will ever see as this skull is huge and is seriously well designed. There is a lot going on rather than it just being a skull, but it is the way that it covers the back and is so well balanced as a tattoo that is so impressive. This is something that you would love to show off as you should rightfully be proud of it from the moment it is finished.


10.Polynesian tattoo

A Polynesian tattoo is so much better than just those swirls that you see with a number of people as it is a lot more intricate and more interesting to look at in general. If you really study it, then you would understand the symbolism that lies behind the design, but even if you do not get the meaning you cannot fail but to like the way it looks as it is seriously cool and if you are going for quite a big tattoo as a modern guy, then this is the style to get.

11.Mantra tattoo

Having a mantra tattoo is better than just the normal text that people get especially when it is combined with a complete shoulder tattoo such as this example. The way in which the writing is spread out does tie in with the overall design and it just looks far more balanced like this rather than random words on a random part of the body.


12.Freedom Tattoo

This is a small text based wrist tattoo. If you are not particularly keen on symbols or abstract designs, you can go for a text tattoo. Quotes tattoos are popular when it comes to text based tattoos, but the tattoos can look longer than usual. This freedom tattoo is the best example of small text based tattoos. The top part of the letter 'm' is tattooed as a flying bird, making the whole tattoo look creative, meaningful and beautiful. 

Freedom Tattoo-15 Cool Tattoos For Men That Make You Say WOW!

13.Solar System Tattoo

Isn't the tattoo looking great? The tattoo may look little big, but if you don't mind having a large tattoo on your body, you should definitely give this creative solar system tattoo a try. The tattoo looks good only if it is a color tattoo. If you find the solar system tattoo impressive, but can't have it because it looks too big, you should consider getting a smaller variation of it with all the planets arranged in a straight line. Shapes of planets, Saturn for example, make a good small tattoo. 

Solar System Tattoo-15 Cool Tattoos For Men That Make You Say WOW!

14.Playboy Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos look good. The chest is one of the most preferred areas on a man's body to get a tattoo. A chest tattoo is mostly hidden and doesn't really look repulsive like a face tattoo. The Playboy tattoo looks good. Any symbol based tattoos look good on a chest. You can replace the Playboy tattoo with some other fuller symbol like a Batman Bat Symbol. 

Playboy Chest Tattoo-15 Cool Tattoos For Men That Make You Say WOW!

15.Back tattoo

'Om' is a Hindu religious symbol. Om tattoos are popular all over the world, not just in India or among the Hindus. The Om symbol has a unique shape, thus making it one of the favorite religious tattoos for tattoo enthusiasts around the world. Om is called 'sound of the universe.' Many Hollywood celebs including Miley Cyrus have Om tattoos on their body. Om tattoo is the middle tattoo in the picture, right below the man's neck. 

Back tattoo-15 Cool Tattoos For Men That Make You Say WOW!


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