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Cool IPhone Modifications

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 10:07 am


How fun is this mod? Diamonds are really a girl's best friend, and it seems, your phone's best friend too. Peter Aloisson, hailing from Australia, custom-made this King's Button for the iPhone, encrusted with 138 small diamonds holding a 6.6 carat diamond, surround by 18-carat gold. Budda-Bling!


Robochan is a human-like robot powered by your iPhone. The Japanese modders, Kondo, created a special app to use when your phone is placed where the head goes. Your iPhone powered robot can learn to dance as well as be used as an alarm. Who wouldn't want to wake up to this cute little guy?

3.Remote Control Real Size Car

How fun would it be to be able to control your car with your phone Well, Jon Oxer from Australia, created an iPhone mod that allows you to unlock the doors, open the trunk, start the car and receive updates on gas level, car temperature, and engine rpm. Pretty cool, huh? But, you had better make sure you iPhone is password protected!

4.High Powered Camera

How about turning your iPhone camera into a high powere camera. By combining a mini-tripod and a Carl Zeiss DSLR lens, you can get powerful shots from your Iphone. A great idea for photographers wishing to get some great shots but not wanting to carry around a huge camera and camera case.

5.Hand's Free FaceTime

This cool iPhone mod can be seen on DrCoolsex's YouTube channel. Using a shelving bracket, you attach your iPhone to it, then attach the shelving bracket to a bike helmet. It may look geeky but it works. And, hey, who looks good on FaceTime anyway. Instructions and video on DrCoolsex's YouTube channel.

6.IPhone Easel

Propping your iPhone up against something on your table or desk can be a pain, and holding it up can become tiresome, especially when watching videos. This cute easel allows you to place your iPhone down and watch whatever you want, for as long as you want. Made with five lead pencils, it's fun and functional. Photo Coutesy of HacknMod

7.Get A Grip

It seems lots of people like to play video games on their iPhone, but with the size of the phone and it being made of glass, it can get slippery and cumbersome. This rubber grip turns your iPhone into a game changer, for driving games and just about any other game out there when you need to level up in a hurry!


8.GoRide iPhone Bike Mount

The GoRide iPhone Bike Mount is made by a company called Bicio, and is the latest gadget for your iPhone, that makes biking on the open road a lot more fun. Mounted to your bike handlebars, you can access your phone safely and conveniently. And, it comes with a protective case.

9.Pip Boy 300

A realistic replica of the PipBoy 300, from the original /fallout 3. Made out of paper mache and paint, and what's even greater, it attaches to your wrist. Created by a paper crafter in the United Kingdom, it has all the details of the original, but it's a lot lighter.



A microscope on your iPhone? Hell, yeah! With this iPhone modification,you can take extreme close up shots with your phone. For about $7 you can purchase an SE Mini 45X microscope and the case to attach it, for another $3. So for $10, you can have a microscope iPhone.

11.Old Phone Dock

If you're under the age of 30 you may not remember the old rotary telephones we all had in our homes. It was a pain to dial a number and have to wait for the dialer to spin around. Any number with a 9 or a zero was especially painful. Well, now we get to experience the charm of that old style phone with our new fangled iPhone, in this new iPhone modification that takes us back to the 1940's.


12.Fancy iPhone Dock

A george Dinkel original, this gothic inspired iPhone dock is a church-like structure that stands 31 inches tall and is equipped with a 35 watt 2.1 sound system with subwoofer, located under the dome. There are also four tweeters in the towers. A photographer and Apple accessory maker, Georg delivers once again.


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