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Coolest Coffee Shops

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 3:38 pm

1.Otherlands Coffee Bar - Memphis

The Otherlands Coffee Bar in Memphis, Tennessee, features an artsy, thrift shop, wifi, and a patio. With happy hour drink specials, locals gather for live music acts on Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm. Not your typical coffee shop, this eclectic shop caters to the young and hip laptop crowd.

2.Blue Bottle Coffee Shop - San Francisco

The Blue Bottle Coffee shop in Mint Plaza, San Francisco, features large windows, for a relaxed feeling during warm and cooler months. This small, but popular shop looks like a science lab on the inside, giving patrons the feeling that each cup of coffee was conjured up just for them.

3.Earthquake Cafe

The Disaster Cafe in Lloret de Mar Spain, where earthquakes are frequent, people are used to them and know how not to spill a drink. The Disaster Cafe simulates a 7.8 earthquake while patrons sip on coffee and eat a meal. The staff, however, wear construction worker hats, and customers can never be sure when the earthquake will strike.

4.Hammock Cafe

No chairs necessary. Patrons of Mahika Mano, the Hammock Cafe, get to relax in hammocks when sipping on their coffee of choice. The popular shop, located in the Kichijojo district of Tokyo, has a 120 minute limit, because once a customer gets comfortable they never want to leave. Enforcement of this rule depends on how busy the shop is.

5.Sakuragoaka Cafe - Tokyo

Rena Kawaguchi, owner of the Sakuragaoka Cafe in Tokyo, brings her two goats in the cafe everyday, allowing customers to mingle and feed them. The goats, Sakura and Chocolat, attract quite a large following with customers who normally do not get to see and pet animals, due to their urban lifestyles.

6.Cafe Des Chats - Paris

In the heart of Paris is a very unique coffee house known for it's abundance of cats. The Cafe des Chats sits in the Marais district and is home to over a dozen cats, that mingle with customers as they drink their coffee. Many residents of the city are unable to have a pet, so this shop gives them their caffein and pet fix all in one.

7.Pay It Forward Coffee Shop

A quirky idea that took off, the Corner Perk Cafe in South Carolina is famous for its patrons paying it forward. Another words, patrons pay for other patrons drinks. Back in 2010, a customer left an extra $100 after paying her bill, saying she wanted to pay for everyone who ordered after her. As word got around, and the generous woman returned to do it again every couple of months, other customers began to do the same thing.


8.LAMILL Coffee Boutique - Los Angeles

Located in the Silver Lake region of Los Angeles, California, Lamill opened its doors in 2008, gaining a quick patronage. A sleek design, the hip shop features a massive of coffee creations all made from an $11,000 Clover coffee machine. A great atmosphere that caters to the trendy crowd.

9.Wormhole Coffee Shop - Chicago

Wormhole Coffee Shop is anything but a wormhole. It's more like a time capsule with memorabilia from classic movies, such as the Delorean from the hit feature film, Back To The Future. There are also Star Wars memorabilia scattered about the shop. A great place to sip coffee, for any movie fan.


10.Maid Cafe

One of the most unique coffee shops is the Maid Cafes, featuring Japanese women in maid costumes serving coffee and treating their customers as masters and mistresses. Originally created for anime, manga, and otaku fans, the idea caught on and there are many of the same type of fetish coffee shops popping up all over Japan and other countries in Europe, as well as in the United States and Canada.

11.Cafe con Peirnas

Spanish for "coffee with legs," Cafe con Piernas features scantily clad female waitresses serving various coffee beverages. Think Hooters on caffeine, this coffee shop chain is popular with men, no surprise, the servers walk on a raised platform behind the coffee bar to allow patrons a better view.


12.Black Eye Coffee Shop - Denver

The Black Eye Coffee Shop, a vintage shop in the Highlands area of Denver, Colorado features subway tiles, macarons and coffee. Patrons get the privilege of single origin beans, roasted in house, as they sip in a relaxed atmosphere. Located in the hip area of town, it is the cool place to hang out.


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