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Countries With No Military Power

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 7:39 pm


Grenada has not had a military since 1983 thanks to America invading and disbanding it. The police force does have a special unit to deal with any major disputes, but militarily speaking they do nothing whatsoever.

2.Solomon Islands

This country used to have a paramilitary force, but that was abandoned after an internal dispute that led to the likes of Australia and New Zealand becoming involved. Now they have a new police force in charge.


When it comes to military force, this island is actually protected by Australia, so why should it bother to have its very own army? However, they do have a police force to control things on the island, so there is really no trouble at all there.

4.St Lucia

St Lucia has a very small security force that has just over 100 members, but they are not actually an army and instead are just a glorified police service. As with other small tropical islands they prefer sitting in the sun than doing all kinds of military things.

5.St Vincent and the Grenadines

The closest that you will get to military in this country is the coast guard and you could hardly class them as an army. Everything is left to the police and they are too busy having a good time to even worry about having a military force.

6.Vatican City

This may surprise people as they will see the Swiss Guard and think that they are a military, but they belong to the Pope and not the actual country. It is protected by Italy, but they themselves have nothing.


Palau only allows the police in their constitution, but they do have something called a maritime surveillance unit although that only has 30 people. Apart from that, you will only see the occasional policeman going around on the island.



This Pacific island is in pretty much the same boat as Kiribati and in actual fact they have never had a military at any point in their existence. However, this island is quite peaceful and they do not bother themselves with any external quarrels, so an army would indeed be pointless.


By law the only force allowed on this Pacific island is that of the police, but as with other countries that have no military are they actually missing out on anything? You will never hear of Kiribati settling global disputes, so perhaps they are indeed better just being a desert island.



This country scrapped their military in 1868 because they decided that they wanted to spend the money in other areas. However, could you really see it making a difference when it came to standing up to the Nazis?

11.Costa Rica

Costa Rica decided against having a military in 1949, but then were they ever really a country that got involved in things anyway? You can hardly imagine them picking a fight with anybody else, so why bother?



This is probably no real surprise because Andorra itself is absolutely tiny and who would want to fight them anyway? They hardly have enough people to call themselves a country, so having a military really would be pointless.


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