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Craziest Birth Control Methods

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 1:10 pm

1.Honey Dipped Tampon

Yum, that sounds sweet. I'll take one honey dipped tampon, please. That might be what you heard back in 1550 B.C. in Egypt, when prescriptions were written for a papyrus sheet made up of seed wool that has been moistened in honey, ground acacia and dates. Sounds weird, and a little sticky, but it worked because the ingredients are similar to what is used in spermicides today.

2.Beaver Testicles

Another wacky use of animal testicles, is a practice that dates back to the sixteenth century. Women in Canada soaked dried beaver testicles in alcohol and then drank the liquid to prevent pregnancy. We have no recorded evidence that this worked, but it is safe to say that it probably didn't.

3.Weasel Testicles

Weasels may be cute, but would you want to tie their testicles around your thighs in order to prevent pregnancy? Well, back in medieval times, women did just that. It seems the weasel had the last laugh when women took both his testicles, tied them around their ties, to bind them together, to remain chaste. They also wore a weasel bone. Wouldn't rope have worked just as well?


Thousands of years ago, Chinese woman believed that drinking mercury or lead would prevent them from getting pregnant. What they didn't know was that these substances are deadly, causing kidney failure and brain damage, which can lead to death. Consequently, that practice has long since been abandoned. It's amazing what some women would do to prevent becoming impregnated.

5.Crocodile Poop

Crocodile is slightly alkaline, acting as a spermicide similar to our methods today. Back in 1859 B.C., it was believed that taking crocodile poop and mixing it with sodium carbonate as well as honey would make a great diaphragm type blockage, killing off sperm before it could make it way through to an egg.

6.Lemon Diaphragm

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. In the 1700's women used lemon peels as a diaphragm believing that the acid would kill sperm. It is not know if it worked or not, but it is known that the acid damages v@ginal tissue. A woman with damaged tissue most certainly could diminish her chances of conceiving, but at what cost.

7.Blacksmith Water

A Greek gynecologist told women to drink water, that was used by blacksmiths to cool method, in order to prevent pregnancy. During the second century, A.D., women volunteered to work in factories during World War I, which eventually led to kidney failure, and seizures, leading to coma and death, but they still were able to get pregnant.


8.Cola Douche

Coke or Pepsi? It's unclear which really wins out in a taste test, but Coke won out as a way to prevent pregnancy back in the day. Using a douche filled with this cola, women thought they were cleaning out the sperm when used after intercourse, and they were somewhat right. According to studies conducted in 2008, sperm swimming in diet Coke all died within a minute, but those swimming in New Coke were able to survive at a rate of 41%.

9.Opium Diaphragm

The pod of the opium plant was thought to prevent pregnancy by ancient Sumatran women. Using it as a form of birth control, the woman believed that this was the reason they were not becoming impregnated, but in reality maybe they were high off the opium itself, and didn't even have intercourse, but just thought they did.


10.Hare Anus

A woman wearing an amulte made from the anus of a hare, was thought to be taking responsibility for preventing pregnancy, in the middle ages. Yep, take one hare's anus, form it into an amulte and wear it proudly. I bet lots of you are pretty glad you didn't live during those times.

11.Animal Intestines

The first c0ndoms were made from pig's intestine. In fact, King Minos of Crete can be seen in an illustration wearing this type of c0ndom around 3000 B.C.E. Dating back as far as 1642, c0ndoms made from animal intestines were found in England at Dudley Castle. Think sausage casing.


12.Sneeze And Squat

Okay Ladies, what do you think about this one? In ancient times in Greece, a phycian named Soranus told woman that if they sneezed while squatting down, right after sex, they could prevent pregnancy. Now that would be a funny sight to see a woman jump up as she is climaxing, squatting near her lover, and forcing herself to sneeze.


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