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15 Craziest Water Slides That Will Make You Say WOW!

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 12:26 pm

A waterslide is a top attraction of a water park or a recreational theme park. Riding down a waterslide is fun. There are many types of waterslides. Loop, bowl, tube slides, half-pipe, rafting, multi-lane racer, etc. are some of the popular water slide types that are found in water parks. Some water slides are horizontally long, but not really tall. On the other hand, some tall water slides in the world make you feel like you are falling down from the sky! Here are fifteen biggest tallest and craziest Waterslides in the world! 

#14 Big Thunder

The Big Thunder slide is in West Palm Beach, Florida and as this picture shows it is massive in scale. With this one you sit on a raft and you are thrown into this huge funnel at around 20 mph and an angle of 45 degrees. At one point you feel as if you are just being thrown into a huge chasm and have no way of getting out making it scary and intriguing at the same time. This is a slide that is fun for the family and is a great introduction to an adult slide.

Big Thunder-15 Craziest Water Slides That Will Make You Say WOW!



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