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Craziest Petitions Ever

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:55 pm

1.Give back your diplomas

If a student discovers that they have basically wasted their time at school, then this petition argues that they should be able to hand them back and get a full refund. This is due to the rise in the number of people that are unable to get a job in their field after graduating, but is giving them their money back a better idea?

2.Get new judges

The entire idea of this particular petition is to get rid of the current judges and judicial system and replace them all with judges that ride motorcycles. This would certainly be a different way of doing things, but it only has just over 2000 signatures, so it is going as far as a broken down bike.

3.Nicholas Cage given the Declaration of Independence

Clearly there is somebody out there who is a massive Nicholas Cage fan because this is not the only petition to include him. Basically, they say that he is a national treasure and as such he should be given this reward due to his amazing acting skills. Yeah right.

4.Hands in pockets

There was a petition created whereby the entire thing was to allow members of the military to walk around with their hands in their pockets. Now this is strange because is it even illegal for them to do that at this moment in time? What happens if they are just trying to warm their hands up? Does that still count?

5.Macho Man day

This petition argues that America is not macho enough now and that steps must be taken. What is the answer according to this petition? Make May 20th a special holiday day dedicated to the wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage. Yep that should sort it out.

6.Jurassic Park national park

There is a petition out there right now that wants the government to take one of the national parks and turn it into a park that is full of cloned dinosaurs. Clearly they have not thought this through right because it is a completely bonkers thing to even dream up because do they not know how mad dinosaurs are?

7.The beer recipe

Over 12,000 people wanted the White House to reveal the recipe that Barack Obama used when he made beer at home. The White House actually responded resulting in it being published so you too can brew like a President.


8.Protect our Twinkies

Ok so only 3000 people signed it, but there was a petition out there whereby people were encouraging the government to protect and nationalize the Twinkies industry. This was after it was threatened with closure, but the government cannot intervene with everything.

9.All about the aliens

A petition was launched whereby people were actively encouraging the White House to reveal all that they knew about aliens. Apparently these people we're very clear as to their existence and that we interact with them, but the White House has a very strong stance on it all.


10.We want a death Star

Almost 35,000 people signed a petition stating that they wanted the US to spend a stupid amount of money building a death Star. The funniest part is that the US had to actually respond to it and they should have done so in the voice of Darth Vader.

11.Get Bieber out

Recently there has been a petition to have Justin Bieber removed from the country and if you hate him, then this is the one that you need to sign up to. They argue that he should have his green card revoked, but can you imagine the hoards of screaming girls protesting in Washington?


12.The Rock as the movie of America

Ok so it was quite a good movie, but is it worthy of being the movie of America? Is Nick Cage and Sean Connery, who is Scottish of course, really the face you want to put out there for the country? You would hardly put Cage out as the face for himself.


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