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Craziest Catwalk Shows

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 8:06 pm

1.Ah! See!

We always suspected models were aliens and here we have snapped them backstage have an alien meeting. Surely this just answers so many questions that you may have had about them?

2.A Face-less Figure

The look seasons celebrates the return of the curvy figure and a vanishing of the face. Perfect! Why did nobody think of this before??

3.That's it!

Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go. So, if you are showing off a hat made of a massive paintbrush and piece of paper just make sure there are no distractions.


You either love Chess or you hate it. Some find it incredibly boring. So, here in this catwalk show you might be faced with a double whammy.


Some models just feel like a right dick in most of the clothes, but you would never be able to tell by their serious faces and professional ways. How stupid would you feel walking along like this?


Just when you thought it was a dog's life, they too are now being dragged along the catwalk. You can tell by this little guy that he is not enjoying pulling all his bits in.

7.Say What?

Handbags are making a statement this coming summer. Such a statement you'd probably need to work out before buying one, never mind purchasing two tickets on the bus to travel to work.


8.Season New Make-up Trends

This seasons make-up saw a return of the 'crazy paving look' along with the sea fire thingamajig. Can you really picture yourself walking along the road looking like this?

9.Spooky Fun

If you tend to get bored at fashion shows, then try this one. It's spooky and weird and creepy. Like a lot of catwalk shows actually.


10.Cruel Intentions

This could be one of the most grandiose fashion shows ever, with expensive treats all the way up and down the catwalk. It seems a bit cruel though, to place food so near starving models?

11.Okay! Maybe Not

This designer cottoned onto the fact that, it is always better to show off your goods rather than the model. So she stripped them bare and gave them the hats to wear and carry. See! No other focus, except one was pregnant.


12.All Sorts

Anyone can become a model these days, even 11 year old boys and girls with heads of a sixty year old man/woman. Or, is that woman/man? The message here is definitely that no matter if you look like hell wearing these shorts will change everything.

13.Poor Polly

The catwalk is the place that tells us how it is. So if they are wearing birdcages on their heads and flowers as hats you pretty much know that it's time to throw Polly away and steal his house.


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