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Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 3:05 pm


If the wall for the aquarium is not enough, then how about using the space for the fire instead? This is going to confuse people and make them wonder what is going on when there are fish swimming around instead of there being some heat and flames, but in the right room do you not think that this is going to look pretty cool?


The idea of having an aquarium as your fireplace is perhaps not the first thing that comes into your mind, but when you see this example you start to understand that it can be done and in actual fact it can look fantastic. OK this aquarium is going to cost you an absolute fortune to have built in your home, but if you love fish and are looking to make a statement, then is there anything better?

3.Phone Booth

How cool is this as an aquarium? OK you can no longer make any calls, but how many fish are in this massive aquarium? Yes it is done as a publicity stunt, but it is not the only phone box aquarium out there and it really does make one heck of a statement. Imagine the mess if it burst?

4.Coffee table

This has to be one of the coolest coffee tables to have ever been created and it has to be said that the lighting certainly adds to it resulting in something that anybody would be proud to own. The shape, the way it is built, and the fact that it will be quite a relaxing thing to have in your lounge all just adds to the effect and you would be mad not to own one if the opportunity came around.


If you have your own desk and you love fish, then surely a desk aquarium is something that you would want to own? This is certainly a cool desk and it does not look tacky or cheap in any way, but imagine the reaction you will get when people walk up to you and see fish swimming past. This beats your bog standard office version hands down.


This may not be the best photograph, but it does actually show a doorway with an aquarium wrapped around it and this is undoubtedly a cool way to enter or leave a room. The light effect does also help with this aquarium and it is so well designed that you are instantly jealous of the owner and want your own doorway aquarium.

7.The sink

This sink aquarium does kind of tie in with the toilet version as being something that makes sense to have designed. It is going to feel strange filling the sink with water and doing whatever you need to do in it while the fish swim around, but when you see how well designed it actually is it does make you feel that it was a fantastic decision to go ahead and buy it in the first place.



If you are a big Star Wars fan and love fish could you think of anything cooler than an R2-D2 aquarium? His belly is actually perfect for it and with the size it does allow for some reasonable sized fish to be included. This is one conversion process that has been expertly done that you cannot fail but to love the end result.


The toilet aquarium does make perfect sense when you sit and think about it and it certainly plays tricks with your mind when you flush and worry that the fish are all going to vanish before your very eyes. Instead, it is all about clever design, so they are always left unharmed and never out of water even if you have the busiest toilet in the country.



It is difficult to imagine the point where you start to believe that a light bulb would be a good aquarium as it is certainly not something that most people will think about in their lives. However, in a strange way it does actually work although clearly you are limited to what you can do with it, but lets face it the fish do not look that sad do they?


Yes this is actually the monitor for an iMac being converted into an aquarium and if you are no longer using the monitor, then surely it is better putting it to some use rather than just being thrown out. It really is a creative aquarium even though you are limited to small fish and at least it would look cool in your bedroom as well.


12.Balancing bowl

This may only be for a single goldfish, but you have to admit that it is a cool and creative aquarium thanks to the design of the bowl. The way in which you believe that it is about to just fall over means you would just stare at it, but of course it is all carefully balanced and weighted and the little fish is perfectly safe inside.


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