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Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 7:09 pm

1.You Complete Me

A baby does complete a couple. It's one part her and one part him, and a whole part of their love. This great puzzle is a fun way to announce to your baby daddy, that you are expecting. Have him solve the puzzle and wait to see the smile creep onto his face. Be prepared for kisses.

2.Version 2.0

A simply adorable way to announce a second baby. This little boy seems thrilled to getting a sibling, and proudly holds the ultrasound picture of the little one. This may be the only time he is smiling so greatly, because once that baby comes and touches his toys, watch out.

3.Ribbons And Bows

A baby is a gift after all, so why not wrap it up with a pretty ribbon or bow. This idea is great for sharing the news with your significant other. Wrapping your belly up with a pretty bow, and adding a tag with the due date makes it official, and he will love unwrapping you.

4.Family Tree

Adding the new baby to a family tree is a fantastic way to announce your new addition. When everyone sees it they will know immediately that someone special is on the way. If you know what you are having, then you can customize accordingly, otherwise a neutral head will do.

5.Scrabble Announcement

A pretty cool way to tell Daddy about his upcoming son or daughter. With scrabble letters spelling it out and the pregnancy test there to drive the point home, this guy is in for a pretty spell-tacular surprise. It's always fun to learn about a new baby in exciting ways.

6.Photobooth Collage

This is a really cute way to announce a baby. At first it looks like your typical photobooth picture collage, but by the time you get to the bottom two pictures, you realize what they are smiling about. There's a baby in there, and they can't wait to meet him, or her.

7.The Dog Knows

Dogs always seems to know. This announcement includes your pet in exciting news. Since she is one of the family, he gets to tell everyone about her new duties as a big sister. Dogs can be the most loyal to a new baby, protecting them and snuggling with them, to soothe them.


8.Baby Bump Ahead

This is a fun idea to announce the upcoming birth of a new baby. Posing next to a sign that reads "Bump Ahead," anyone receiving, or seeing, this picture gets a nice surprise. Soon her cute figure will be busting out with child, and her baby bump will be her pride and joy.

9.Chalk It

A simple but fun way to announce a pregnancy. Using a little chalkboard, you can put your due date and an arrow. You might get tired of holding up the chalkboard, but it makes for a great picture to post on your social networks. You can even put the weeks on it and take a picture to show your growing baby bump.


10.On The Wall

This is a great idea to tell the world that you are expecting a child. With the crib and mobile painted on the wall, even the belly is painted. With the woman standing in just the right spot, it appears as if she is almost ready to give birth. A fun way to make the announcement.

11.Ready To Hatch

This is a very creative idea for announcing that a little one is hatching soon. Using an egg in a nest, the box tells the receiver to crack open the egg. Upon doing so, they find an announcement of a baby on the way. Very cool idea to be cherished forever.


12.T-Shirt Announcement

When women get pregnant they don't just want to tell everyone in the usual way. That would be too boring. So most are coming up with clever and fun ways to reveal their pregnancies. In this case, a mother and daughter had t-shirt made to announce their impending mommyhood and grammyhood.


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