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Creative Fitness And Yoga Ads

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 8:40 am

1.Creative bag

Advertising covers a number of different areas and this company has come up with a fantastic way of advertising itself on its bags. You have to admit that it looks completely different to what you are used to seeing and this is the kind of thing that will stick in the minds of people.

2.Heavy on your mind

This advert is designed to really inspire you to go and get fit because do you want to go around breaking things due to weighing too much? This is using some reverse psychology and you have to admire them for coming up with it.

3.Point the way

This is certainly a different method of pointing the way that you need to go and surely it makes you want to copy the model here and be able to point in directions using only your feet? Is this going to inspire confidence in you? Quite possibly.

4.Simple but effective

Well this advert is certainly very simple, but at the same time it gets your message across absolutely perfectly. Just think of the hours of fun you can have bending this woman into shape all of the time.

5.A strange angle

When hairy chests and pregnancy tests become your morning routine, it is time to get fit! You have to say that there is so much going on here with this advert that it is even difficult to know where to begin with it.

6.Gold's Gym

This advert is cool because it shows the transformation from FAT to FIT by using the guy in the middle. This is clever and you will certainly be impressed by what is possible if you do indeed venture to Gold's Gym.

7.Burn it off

If only it was as easy as this! We all wish we could do that to our waistline, but sadly even if the product is the best out there it still requires us to work hard at it. However, the advert itself is wonderful.



As subtle and stretchy as an elastic band. This is the kind of advert that is going to grab your attention as you wonder what on earth is actually going on, but then that is the entire point is it not?

9.An opening

Can you even imagine being this flexible? This book double page ad sure gets one thinking. The person that came up with the idea of using a double page like this really must have been a genius.


10.That's powerful

Of all the things yoga is said to do, we did not know this. You would imagine that this was an advanced pose and certainly not for those just starting out.

11.How you view it

Perfect image of how you could be. This fitness ad will certainly inspire many and it is all down to how you actually view yourself to start off with.



Try being thin and utterly gorgeous, fit and toned. Then your friends might never forgive you. Warning, this requires some work on your part to get into this position, literally.


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