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Delicious And Unique Egyptian Foods

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 3:59 pm

1.Kabab wa kofta

The kebab is certainly very popular in the country and you can use a whole host of different meats in order to satisfy your need for meat. You will tend to find that it is quite spicy and they will also throw in some leafy salad or bread to fill you up.

2.Ful wa Ta'meya

This basically means fava beans and falafel and it is a dish that is distinctly Egyptian. In actual fact this mixture does form a key part in the general Egyptian diet as it is both filling and uses ingredients that are easily available in the country.

3.Gibna Domiati

This is a soft cheese that comes from the north of Egypt and it is rather delicious. You can easily add it to a number of different dishes to add some extra flavor as it is rather versatile and it is certainly something that you are going to find in most Egyptian homes.


This is a sweet that is traditional in Egypt and it is made from a very thin type of pastry. It is best served with some whipped cream or even some kind of fruit syrup, so at least there are various options that could tempt your taste buds.


This is a traditional dip and it is perfect with the likes of vegetables or some flat bread. You will get a whole host of different mixtures in it as well as different herbs and spices and it just adds a nice taste to what could have otherwise been quite a plain and boring snack.


This has sesame paste, and contains various nuts to make this rather colorful snack. You can actually get this all over the Middle East, but Egypt is very well known for it and there is no doubt that if you are looking for a healthy treat, then this is something that is going to be absolutely ideal.

7.Taro soup

These tubers are mashed and broken up in order to produce a soup, but you do need to add in some different things to give it a bit more flavor. The main way that this is done is by using lemon and coriander and it is just enough to give it a bit of a kick.



This is quite simply just some dried and salted gray mullet, but it is best to note that this is a dish that they only tend to produce around the spring festival. It does also go back thousands of years, so if you want to sample how the Pharaoh would eat, then this is the dish for you.


This is quite a thin dish that is made from the likes of jute and corchorus plants hence the green color. You can then add in different stock, some herbs and in some parts they will even throw in some fish to add bulk and it is a lot nicer thank you think.



This dish is mainly for different festivities, so it is not a daily occurrence. It is actually some fried bread and rice which is then covered in the likes of garlic and some stewed beef, so if you are healthy, then this is not the dish for you as the fat content is high.

11.Ful Medames

This is basically just lava beans along with some oil, lemon juice and garlic and even though it may not look that good it is actually rather tasty. This is a dish that genuinely does go back thousands of years, so at least when you have this you are eating something traditional.



This is seen as being the national dish of the country and in all honesty it is rather good. This dish has a real mixture of rice, pasta, tomato, chickpeas and a few other ingredients and there is no doubt that you will get a good boost of energy from eating it.


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