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Disgusting Looking Pokemon Characters

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 4:11 pm


Silcoon looks like a spoiled angry egg. This Pokemon doesn't have a lot of features, but its disgusting red eyes more than make up for that. This is one of the few cocoon-like Pokemons. Silcoon doesn't do much, as its hard shell protects it from enemies. Though ugly in this stage, at level 10 it morphs into butterfly creature named Beautifly.


Duskull is the 'Angel of death' in the Pokemon world. It has one eye that slides back and forth between sockets. This sinister Pokemon seeks out misbehaved children. The reason it seeks out children solely is because he enjoys hearing them cry. Much like a werewolf killer, Duskull pursues his victims from dusk to dawn.


While its eyes seem endearing, Cubone is a twisted little Pokemon. The skull he wears upon his face in reality belongs to its mother. The fact that he wears his dead mother's skull is disgusting and creepy. No one knows how he acquired the morbid headpiece, but when it evolves into Marowak, the skull is fused to his face and head forever. Cubone's only 'power' is wielding the bone in his hand, which more than likely used to be one its mother's legs.


Yamask is the most abnormal Pokemon there is. It is an actual ghost of a human being, and the mask it carries is a depiction of the human form it once was. If someone wears Yamask's mask, they then become possessed by the Yamask. When this creature evolves into Cofagrigus, it turns both humans and Pokemon, into zombified mummies.


Grimer should have been named 'The Purple Blob.' This Pokemon is made of purple sludge and can be found in polluted lakes. It is recognized for constantly leaking a germ-infected fluid from every part of its body. Pieces of Grimer will break off while he's roaming around; those new pieces then grow into a brand new Grimer. Because this Pokemon is a breeding ground for bacteria, it leaves the soil it touches desolate. Grimer also feeds off the waste inside pipes.


Eelektross takes on the characteristics of both an eel and ordinary fish. This Pokemon doesn't just shock its victims; that would be too easy. It uses its mouth to latch onto its targetsand with the suction on its lips; it drags them into the ocean. It's only after Eelektross enters into the ocean that it electrifies the captured prey and then eats them.


If you thought Slimer from The Ghostbusters was creepy, you never met this little guy. Reuniclus looks like a baby alien engulfed in a body of translucent mucus. The circular objects near its arms can form arm-like attachments. The odd thing is, albeit Reuniclus looks like a baby, it is a fully evolved Pokemon.



Pokemon ran out of creative names when they made this creature. Lickylicky will lick anything; even if it's a rusty nail or vomit. Known for its gigantic tongue, Lickylicky's saliva can putrefy anything. It wraps its tongue around items, so it can coat them with its sticky saliva. It also has space in its throat to store saliva so he can keep on licking and decomposing items.


Venonat is what youget if a Furby and fly procreated. Aside from the fur on its body, all of its features are comparable to that of a bug. It may look cuddly, but since when is a bug ever friendly? Venonat's eyes can powerful shoot beams. But the real disgusting characteristic of this Pokemon is that poison oozes from all over its body.



Feebas is a weird-looking version of a Sea bass. It has several dark spots covering its entire body, sort of like an 88-year-old woman with liver spots. This Pokemon bears a resemblance to a fish that has been left in an alley to rot. I doubt any cat would want to eat a Feebas.


Musharna resembles a deformed version of Disney's Dumbo. This Pokemon would be adorable if it didn't have that random pink substance (known as Dream Mist) leaking from its forehead. In fact, Musharna eats dreams and the Dream Mist changes its color depending on the type of dream the creature eats. It also doesn't help that when Musharna's eyes are open, they're red and demon-like.



Though Tangrowth looks like a large intestine on legs, those blue otter-looking things hanging from its body are actually vines. Tangrowth uses these vines to trap its prey during battle. The name Tangrowth comes from thisPokemon's ability to grow back its arms if and when they are chopped off.


If Disney's Flounder ever swam into a river filled with toxic waste, this is probably what he'd windup looking like. This flattened fish-like creature is known as SunFisk. It doesn't evolve into another Pokemon; so what you see is what you get with this one. This Pokemon is both odd-looking and from that blank expression on its fact, it doesn't appear to be the brightest crayon in the box.


Some things get better with age, but Trubbish only gets worse. When Trubbish reaches level 36, he morphs into Garbodor; a ripped open hefty bag with random pieces of garbage and piping attached to it. To match its overall look, Garbodor lives in unclean places. It sprays poisonous gas from the fingertips on its right hand. Garbodor is also able to mollify his opponents by vomiting a toxic gas from its mouth.


This is Trubbish; a Pokemon that looks like a hefty bag with ears. The creature lives up to its name by secreting a poisonous gas which when inhaled, leaves its victims incapacitated.The writers over at Pokemon should have just dropped the 't' at the beginning of its name and called it Rubbish.


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