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Disneyland Fails

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 7:26 pm

1.Donald the pervert

There is certainly a lot more to Donald than we thought because here he is basically groping Christina Aguilera in full public view. He really does not care and has no shame does he? In actual fact look at his face because he seems to be quite proud of himself and his actions.

2.Oh Minnie

What is this we see going on? It appears as if there is more to the friendship than we thought if this picture of Goofy walking off with Minnie is true. Are there some activities going on that we should not be knowing about in the world of Disney? A lot of questions need to be answered.

3.Kick him!!

Ok so he is protected, but it is still the case that this girl has decided to target poor old Mickey in a way that he would never have imagined. Yes she is kicking him in the mouse testicles and it looks as if she is putting all of her effort into making a good clean contact. What would Minnie have to say about it?

4.Donald the bully

This picture if very unfortunate as it does appear as if Donald has smacked this child in the face due to him being a bully. The child has obviously managed to fall at some point, but why would you then have her photograph taken with a character who is wielding what could only be seen as a weapon in this situation?

5.Ohh Chipmunks

You get the feeling that the person in the Chipmunks outfit thinks that it in some way means they can get away with anything. Ok so it might just be a coincidence, but it does appear to be the case that they are looking at that girls boobs and that is not the behavior you expect from a Disney character.

6.Pluto grab

This picture is rather unfortunate, but at least the person inside the Pluto costume is protected from what could have been a more serious incident. This little girl does not know what she is doing, but it is not helped that the natural face of Pluto is one that is happy, so he appears to be enjoying it too much.

7.Learn to spell

It would maybe be a very good idea for somebody at Disneyland to work out how to spell before they go ahead and start making any more banners. At first you may just glance over it and not realize the mistake, but look more closely and you will see they have Runers instead of Runners. Pick your game up Disney!!


8.Wrong Movies

Why have they managed to put Tinkerbell in with the Pirates of the Caribbean? This is a serious fail on their part and this was apparently for sale at the Disneyland in Paris. Somebody has to have noticed that they had made this mistake before it got into production???

9.Drunk soldier

You just know that the person inside this costume has died of shame at having managed to fall over in front of an audience. This has to have happened a number of times, but at least it was caught on camera here so you can laugh at his misfortune whenever you want.


10.Bad Mickey

There is a good chance that after seeing this image you will never think of Mickey in the same way again. Ok this may not be Disneyland as such, but it still represents the company, so that is good enough for getting into this particular list.


Well where do you begin with this image? It does show that Buzz and Woody are closer friends than you think, but surely there is a time and a place for this kind of thing and in the middle of Disneyland is neither of those things. What must the kids think of it all?


12.No Kids

This fail is so bad simply because the faces of the kids are being covered when they should ultimately be the centre of attention with this photograph. You just know that when they saw this photo when they got home that they would have been absolutely distraught and you can understand why.


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