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15 Disturbing Facts About Human Body That May Shock You

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 4:42 pm

Human beings are the most intelligent living beings on Earth. We are beautiful. We are excellent at hygiene. Hey, we can talk about ourselves a lot because there's no other living being on this planet that can speak out to disapprove our claims! Your dog or cat never brushes. Their breath doesn't smell bad. You know it because you hug it and kiss it. Now, don't brush for a couple of days and try to kiss your partner! It will be disgusting. What we are trying to tell is that human body is more disgusting than we think! Here are fifteen disgusting things about human body you probably don't know.
10.Average Person Sweats 278 Gallons A Year

Some people sweat more, and some sweat less. On average, a human being sweats 278 gallons of sweat a year. Sweat stinks, and we all hate it. However, sweating kicks out toxins and impurities out of your skin, making it look good and healthy. By the way, sweat is just a mixture of water, salts, and sugar etc. It doesn't have any smell on its own. It only smells when it comes into contact with the skin that already has some kind of bacterial growth on it. 

Average Person Sweats 278 Gallons A Year-15 Disturbing Facts About Human Body That May Shock You

11.Your Gastric Juices

They are powerful! They have strength equivalent to that of a battery fluid. In fact, gastric juice or stomach acid can burn through steel, and dissolve a razor blade in just a few days. A powerful stomach lining prevents the acid from eating the gut. When you die, the same acid that digests our food starts eating our own body. 

Your Gastric Juices-15 Disturbing Facts About Human Body That May Shock You

12.Feet Have More Than 500,000 Sweat Glands

They are capable of producing more than a pint of sweat a day. Now you know why feet can be very smelly at times! As we told earlier, sweat doesn't smell on its own. It's just a mixture of salt and sugar in water. Bacteria living on the skin thrive and flourish when there's sweat, causing stinky body odor. 

Feet Have More Than 500,000 Sweat Glands-15 Disturbing Facts About Human Body That May Shock You

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