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Drunk Disney Characters

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 9:09 am

1.Drunk Bird

This one is pretty self-explanatory because if you are a character called Drunk Bird, then there is a pretty good chance that you will indeed be drunk. He does have all of the attributes that we associate with humans, but of course he is a bird instead.


The one thing that you learn about Gaston getting drunk is that size does not matter in a Disney movie. There is the idea that the bigger they are the more alcohol they need, but it looks like a couple of beers is all it takes here.

3.Roger Rabbit

Yep believe it or not, but the family favorite Roger Rabbit actually ended up getting very, very drunk indeed. Once again you can tell this by the way his eyes are acting and the fact his tongue is hanging out of his mouth.


This is Timothy who is of course the best friend of Dumbo and in this scene he falls in a barrel of champagne and, as you would imagine, ends up getting very drunk at the end of it all. You can tell he is drunk by the amount of bubbles around him apparently.

5.Dumbo drunk

Have you ever seen Dumbo drunk before? If not, then this is what he looks like and at what point does Disney start to think that having a drunk elephant is a good idea? How do you explain this to your children?

6.Linguini drunk

Well this chef from Ratatouille has only gone and got himself drunk on wine and you can tell that by the way that his eyes are bouncing all over the place. No wonder the head chef is not that impressed with his behavior.

7.An old Mickey

You can see from how he has been drawn that this is an old sketch of Mickey Mouse, but the key thing here is that he has one massive beer in his hand. It is just a strange thing to think about him being drunk because we are all now wondering how he would act.


8.Donald Duck

It is pretty amazing to think that Donald Duck has actually been shown drunk in a cartoon because surely this family favorite would avoid this kind of thing? However, you only have to look at this snapshot to see that he is as drunk as a skunk.

9.Sir Hiss

Sir Hiss is of course in Robin Hood, but the main reason why people remember him is because of the way in which he ends up getting very, very drunk. It is a good job that he does not have any legs already because he would just fall over when they were unable to work.


10.Pluto drunk again

The thing that is coming across loud and clear here is that Pluto appears to have a serious drink problem. He just seems to love having some alcohol and ending up in an absolute state.

11.Uncle Waldo

This is Uncle Waldo from The Aristocats and he is absolutely hilarious. He is as drunk as you can get, but he still believes that everything is absolutely fine when we know that he is just struggling to stand.



Well what has this world come to when Pluto is just lying on the ground drunk and the alcohol is being poured into his mouth? At least with him already being on the ground he cannot fall over and hurt himself.


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