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Dumbest Laws In Florida

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 9:37 am

1.Selling Cold Concoctions At a Cemetery

What ice cream truck is going to ring their little bell to sell ice cream in a cemetery? Does this law even need to be on the books? And if it even was a law, who is it harming? It's not like the dead people are going to rise up and stampede the truck like zombies.

2.Men Can Not Be Seen In Public In A Strapless Gown

Attention all men. If you decide to wear your strapless gown to go out in Florida, think twice. Maybe choose something a little more conservative, or at least something with spaghetti straps. It's just too darn sexy when your dress begins to slid down. Come on people, don't they have drag queens in Florida?

3.It is Illegal to Sell Your Children

We know some days you really may want to sell your children, but in Florida it's against the law. Seriously, this is not such a dumb law. There are people in the news who are crazy enough to sell their children because they cannot afford them, though it seems like a no brainer that this would be a law in every state and in every country.

4.Singing In Public While Wearing A Bathing Suit

If you want to sing in public, don't do it in your bathing suit in Florida. There is a law on the books that states that you are not allowed to sing in public if you are waering your bathing suit. So what about all those karaoke parties on the beaches during Spring Break?

5.Corrupting Public Morals

Corrupting public morals is a misdemeanor in the state of Florida and punishable by arrest. Any nuisance is considered the corruption of their public morals and will be met with swift action. No probably not. It's on the books, but it's hard to tell if someone is actually committing the crime.

6.Catching Crabs

Some people make it their life's mission to never catch crabs. Oh, wait we're not talking about those kind of crabs. Well, in Florida it is against the law to fish for and catch crabs. If you do, you will be arrested and the crabs will be returned to the sea.

7.Molesting A Key deer

You are not allowed to molest Key deer in Florida. Just in case you have an affinity for these little white tailed deer, keep your urges to yourself. Molesting any living creature is wrong, but for some reason only molesting humans and Key deer are on the books as a crime in Florida.


8.Still Must Pay Meter When Parking An Elephant

If you plan to park you elephant in Florida, be prepared to pay the meter. Just because you rode your elephant doesn't make you special or exempt from the law. All elephants tied to the curb are to be treated just like vehicles and the meters must be paid, or the elephant will be towed.

9.Only Missionary Position Is Legal

Another strange law in Florida that would be impossible to enforce, unless they hired peeping toms or installed cameras in everyone's home, in every room, and in ever nook and cranny. However, you know there are some law abiding citizens who won't even take an extra sugar home from the coffee shop, so may they are the ones obeying this law.


10.Lewd Acts While Living Together

Florida demands that no lewd acts be committed while living together. So you must save all your lewd acts for those who you are not serious about. Maybe your neighbor, a random stranger, and anyone else you don't live with. However, it's even more scary to think how they might find out if you did.

11.Farting in Public

If a tree falls in the forest does it really fall if no one hears it. Well, if no one smells it did you really fart? Apparently, in Florida they can tell and it's against the law to far in public. Maybe it turns the air blue like pee in some of those pools. So just in case, you may want to refrain from passing wind in that state.


12.sexual Relations With Porcupine

In Florida you are not allowed to have sexual relations with a porcupine. As much as you may want to, as much as you may long for his pointy quills, and his long tail that feels like a whip with nails, you must resist. Or you could just take your chances on the side of the road and let the quills fall where they may.


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