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Dwight K Schrute Is A Life Coach

Thursday, Jan 28, 2021, 9:15 am

1.Being honest is good

He has showed us that being honest really is the best option a lot of the time no matter how humiliating it could actually be. Do you think that he enjoys standing there with this sign on himself?

2.He showed that twitter is important

Put it this way, if he feels that he should have a Twitter account, then should you not have one as well? There must be something in it if he is interested because he really is the man when it comes to making connections.

3.He showed how to help others

This may seem a bit harsh, but in all honesty is it not better to not care rather than to continue kidding someone on that you do? Is that not more horrible? Sometimes being honesty and truthful can be difficult, but it is something that needs to be done.

4.We know how to answer questions

He has shown us how to answer questions and to never be nervous about doing so ever again. He always has an answer for everything and we have to admire him for that.

5.He showed us how to be dedicated

Being dedicated to something can be tough, but he has shown us that you just need to cover every eventuality and you may actually get what you want. Look at this for example, he is making sure that she can contact him whenever she needs. What a guy!

6.How to be safe with fire

He knows that fire is dangerous, but then he goes out of his way to show us what can go wrong even though his methods are maybe not the best that you have ever come across. OK in actual fact his methods are never going to appear in any manual.


Motivation can be tough for some people, but he taught us how we can get ourselves all worked up and ready to do something amazing. OK so it involves shouting and jumping around, but hey if it works for him, then surely it is going to work for us?


8.We can miss people

He showed us that it is ok to cry and to miss people and to never be afraid to show emotion. OK he might have went a bit over the top with some of the things, but that can also be fine in the right circumstances.

9.We know to ignore celebrities

He just does not see the sense in allowing ourselves to be caught up in celebrity culture because there are more important things to think about in life. Here is a classic example as he just completely ignores who Justin Bieber is and we should thank him for it.


10.He shows assertiveness

One thing that he does teach us is how to be assertive and that is the only way that you are going to get anything done in life. He is certainly forceful with what he says, but then we love that about him.

11.We should ignore stupid trends

He taught us to never get involved in stupid trends because, well because they are stupid of course. He knows that they will just pass after a certain period of time, so he is clearly a lot wiser than so many people out there.


12.We know how to understand women

The one thing that he shows us is how to deal with women especially at certain times of the month. He just seems to be able to work out what is going on and give that sympathetic ear, which is not always possible of course.


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