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Escaping The Friend Zone Tips

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 9:21 am

1.Go For It

If you really feel it, chances are they probably do to. Sometimes you just have to take the chance and risk it all. After all, do you want to stay in the friend zone foever. You know the answer is no, so go ahead, grab her and pull them in close, give them the kiss you've been dreaming of.

2.Show Pictures Of Your Latest Lover

Show off your latest lover to elicit some type of jealousy and competition. Show them how great they look, and talk about all the things they do. If you know your friend's insecurities play them up as strengths in your new boyfriend or girlfriend. Competition creates interest. If someone else finds you attractive, they will too.

3.Give Some Negative Feedback

Don't always be so nice. A little negative feedback goes a long way. It doesn't have to be mean, but knock them down a peg, so they search out a compliment. Let them work a little for your attention and affection and soon they won't even realize they are working to impress you. Talk

Don't be afraid to turn up the heat. Talking about sex in a playful yet seductive way gets the blood pumping. Don't be vulgar, just be sexy. Start off light and see where it goes. It's amazing what some words can do to set the mood and take things to a whole new level.

5.Don't Be Her Doormat

Just because you desire your friend, don't be their doormat to be close to them. The stronger you are the more attractive you are. Remember, that you only get treated the way you allow yourself to be treated. Stand up for youself and grasp what you want, the golden ring is dangling right in front of you.

6.Don't Meet His or Her Lovers

Never stand on the sidelines and meet his, or her, lover. It will only make you jealous and it will show. it will also secure your position in the friend zone. If they want you to meet their new fling, decline gently by telling them that you like having them all to yourself. They will double think what you mean all night.

7.Treat Them Lke A Date Not A Buddy

Make it a date, not a buddy night. Go out somewhere nice, and treat them like you would on a real date, whether it's pulling out the chair for them, opening a car door, holding their arm when you walk. Create the intimacy that you want and it will come to you.


8.Smell Nice

Do you remember the scent that your very first boyfriend, or girlfriend, wore, the one that got away, or the big crush you had at one time or another? Sure you do? And, if you smelled that scent today, all those feelings would come rushing back. When you go out with your "friend" smell delicious, they will remember it.

9.Wear Date Clothes

Don't show up in sweats and a wrinkled t-shirt. Dress like you would on a date, dress to impress. When you look good they will take special notice, seeing you in a different light. You will be more than just a comfy play thing, and more of a catch. Wear what you know they like for extra bonus points.


10.Ask For Favors

Human behavior dictates that doing favors for someone ingratiates them into yoru life. You would think it would be the opposite, but its the doing that does it. Ask them for important favors and see how things change. They will feel important, special and more than just a friend as you develop a special bond.

11.Make Other Potential Date Friends

The human mind works in mysterious ways. Even though they think they just want to be friends, if they see you with potential date material as friends it will spark something in them. They will want you more for themselves, especially if any of those potential date friends pose a threat to them.


12.Be Less Available

If you don't want to be a friend forever, be less available. Make him or her know what it's like without you, let them think about you and wonder about you. When you are always there, they never have time to contemplate what they like about you being in their lives.


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