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Famous Nerds Around The World

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 8:32 am


Anybody that has watched Scooby Doo, and who hasn't, will know that Velma is the brainy one in the outfit and there is no doubt that she is a bit of a nerd. The others just cannot keep up with her as she really is the smart one and in a group if you are the smart one, then you are likely to be a nerd.


This is Q, and even though he has been played by three different actors there is no doubt that he is a nerd. This is the guy that comes up with all of those cool little gadgets that James Bond uses, so for that single reason this guy is a major nerd.

3.Steve Urkel

This was a popular TV character who was all geeky and nerdy from start to finish. Of course his nerd status was further enhanced by the way he dressed and those big glasses, but if you are asked to name a TV character nerd, then most people will come up with this guy.

4.Tom Anderson

You might not recognize him in this photo, but if you were ever on MySpace, then you have been friends with this guy. Remember the guy Tom who always acted as your first friend? Well that is this guy and he was behind MySpace, so he is a popular nerd as he was friends with everybody.

5.Bill Gates

It probably needs no explanation as to how Bill Gates is seen as being a bit of a nerd because when you are one of the people that sat and worked out how to make an operating system for a computer right back when they started, then you are a nerd. Of course we have a lot to thank him for as well, but once a nerd always a nerd.

6.Jimmy Whales

Jimmy is of course the founder of Wikipedia, and if you create what is basically an online encyclopedia, then surely that makes you a nerd? Surely that then makes him the King amongst the nerd community since he has opened up all of this information to them on the one single site?

7.Jack Dorsey

If you have never heard of Jack, then you will have heard about his creation called Twitter. He is actually quite a cool guy and anyway we all love him due to that one single thing, so it is clear as to how he is a popular nerd around the world.


8.Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is still seen as being one of the brainiest guys to have ever lived and with the knowledge that he had it is clear as to how he was a bit of a nerd back then. He understood physics and how the world worked better than anybody else and made major breakthroughs, so he is clearly a nerd.

9.Steve Jobs

The late Steve Jobs was a super nerd, but he was an amazing guy who was behind the increase in popularity of Apple. He revolutionized their business with things such as the iPhone and iPod oh and he also wore those round glasses which surely signify a nerd.


10.Michael Dell

This is another guy where no introduction is needed because he was of course the creator of the Dell computer and is now a very wealthy guy. Michael was the nerd who, when others were marveling about a computer, was working out how to build it, but see how well it has worked out for him.

11.Ben Stein

Ben Stein is several things. He is an actor, a lawyer, and a writer, but it is because of the amount of information he knows about things such as politics and finance that makes him a nerd. The strange thing is that he has somehow built up this reputation as being a nerd and is loved by a lot of people, which is strange for a speechwriter for President's.


12.Mark Zuckerberg

Mark has to be included in a list of famous nerds since he was the college kid that created Facebook. Of course it started off as a thing between college friends, but now it has evolved into this massive worldwide phenomenon and how many nerds have had a movie made about them?


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