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Fascinating Facts About Bacon

Friday, Mar 26, 2021, 2:44 pm

1.11% tasty

If you've ever wondered how much of a pig's weight comprises bacon, let it be known that roughly eleven percent of the pig's body is bacon. This is something to keep in mind the next time you find yourself looking at an image of a pig and finding it absolutely adorable -- except for eleven percent of it.

2.Happy Bacon day!

Oscar Mayer first patented sliced and packed bacon, which means that fairly soon we'll be commemorating the one hundredth anniversary of sliced and packed bacon. What shall we do to celebrate it? How about eating bacon? Not too original, but I'll probably be hungry, so why not?

3.Pork on hand

According to an in depth study that I really wish I could participate in someday, roughly fifty-three percent of all households keep bacon on hand constantly. I would guess that the remaining forty-seven percent of households are empty because they're out visiting the other fifty-three percent.

4.Bacon cologne

Yes, this is a real thing. A fragrance that smells like bacon, which might sound like a good idea until you think about it for a few seconds. It was created in 1920 by a butcher named John Fargginay. I imagine it would make you very popular with women who go nuts at the smell of swine.

5.King of bacon

Elvis Presley, according to legend, once flew on a private jet in the middle of the night to snack on a sandwich consisting of peanut butter, jam and a pound of bacon. The sandwich, served in a hollowed out loaf of Italian bread, is called a Fool's Gold Loaf. I'm getting hungry just writing this.


Here's a tip to all the pregnant Ladies out there: eat plenty of bacon because it contains something called choline, which has been known to help fetal brain development. Here's a tip to everyone else: eat bacon because it tastes good. This has been a public service announcement.

7.9. Bacon and eggs

According to somebody who apparently has the wonderful job of seeing what everybody eats for breakfast, bacon and eggs are eaten together seventy-one percent of the time. I imagine most people don't form a smiley face when they do so, but I pass no judgement on those who do.


8.Pig bellies

The cuts from a pig's body that are used to cure and smoke pork tend to vary from one nation to another. For example, in England the shoulder is used for such a purpose, while Canadians tend to use the loin (the area between the lower ribs and pelvis). And in the United States, the belly is deemed the tastiest region for bacon.


The nation of Denmark could be considered the bacon capital of the world as it is the country that consumes the most pork. Some would consider this fact to be a reason to pack up and move to Denmark. Until you remember the cold winters in the region.


10.Guanciale, anyone?

This pictured dish is an Italian specialty called guanciale. It is made from the cheeks of pigs. I'm not sure if that sounds delicious or disgusting, but I'd be happy to withhold judgement until I actually sat down and had several plates of it, served, of course, with red wine and a side dish of clam sauce.

11.Bacon's origins

The nation of China first began the tradition of salting and preserving pork bellies somewhere around the year 1500 B.C. Other nations like Greece and Rome soon followed suit and maintained the tasty tradition, keeping it alive until the present day. I can't help but wonder what bacon must taste like with chow mein.


12.Canadian bacon

The meat that is commonly known as Canadian bacon is actually fully cooked, smoked pork loin. In other words, Canadian Bacon, is not, by strict definition, bacon. I'm devastated by that fact. I can't believe I've been lied to all these years. Next they'll tell me that Canadians don't paint their pigs up to look like their flag.

13.Bacon bow tie

Somebody made this. I'm not sure if it functioned as an actual tie or was simply for show, but I can't imagine it smelled especially fresh after a day or two. As a general rule it would seem to me that bacon does not make for the best clothing.

14.Bacon day

September 3rd has been declared international bacon day. I don't know who did the declaring or why, but such a thing sounds like a wonderful opportunity for all the world to join hands and sing in magnificent harmony. And world peace would be a good idea too, I suppose. But mainly it would just be a good day to eat bacon.


The pictured item is a bacon-flavored spread that I've just recently become familiar with. This is ideal for people who like everything they eat to taste like bacon. I suppose it could even be spread on bacon. This sounds redundantly delicious. Oddly enough, Baconnaise is a vegetarian product, meaning it contains no meat -- not even bacon.


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