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15 Awesome Professors That Everyone Wishes To Have

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 4:30 pm

Teachers and professors play critical role in everyone's life. We are all connected to them for a good fifteen to twenty years of our life, until we complete our education. There are good teachers, and then there are bad ones. You can recall those teachers whom you absolutely loved, and the ones who gave your nightmares and made your life miserable. Here are fifteen cool professors you wish you have in your school or university.
13.Another Highly Friendly Professor

When we first saw a professor trying to make his students pass test by answering a simplest question, we thought professors like him are very rare. We may be wrong! Now we have another professor here who has done same thing to help his students pass test. Our world needs more of them!

Another Highly Friendly Professor-15 Awesome Professors That Everyone Wishes To Have

14.Because Using a Laser Pointer is Too Mainstream

This old professor uses that long bamboo stick to point out stuff on the screen. Usually, professors use a laser pointer to point out at things on a classroom board or screen. This professor, who thinks using a laser pointer is too mainstream, uses this stick instead. He looks like a 'sea god' who is ready to bless all his followers!

Because Using a Laser Pointer is Too Mainstream-15 Awesome Professors That Everyone Wishes To Have

15.When Teachers Troll

As we told earlier, teachers are very smart. They don't always troll, but when they do, the result would be something like this. As you can see from the image, the professor there totally trolled all of his students telling them Taylor Swift was giving away free concert tickets. Fans of Taylor Swift might have hated him for the disappointment.

When Teachers Troll-15 Awesome Professors That Everyone Wishes To Have

All these professors do show us that teaching can be fun if you do it correctly and enjoy it, While these professors are really amazing but we do recollect some of the coolest teachers in the world, Here are some of the coolest teachers everyone would like to have.

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