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15 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors In 2016

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 8:16 am

Hollywood is the most powerful and richest entertainment industry in the world. In fact, no other movie industry in the world can come close to it when it comes to budget or box office records. In many other country-specific movie industries, an entire movie budget will still be lesser than a Hollywood actor's remuneration! Hollywood actors are being paid millions as salary by their producers. This is the reason why the Hollywood celebs are insanely wealthy! Do you want to know who the top-paid Hollywood actors in 2016 are? Check these fifteen hottest Hollywood stars (according to Forbes) and how much money they are making a year! (Bonus: Know their net worth too!)

#15 Will Smith ($26 Million)

The 'Men in Black' star needs no introduction. He is popular in many countries around the world. His movies are popular in non-English speaking countries too. He is a successful producer as well. He produced movies like Hancock and the Karate Kid in the past. He makes about $26 million per year as an actor. Did you know some of the famous Will Smith quotes?
Salary: $26 Million per Year
Will Smith Net Worth: $240 Million 

Will Smith ( Million)-15 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors In 2016



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