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Hilarious Concert Fails Ever

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 8:02 am

1.Bret Michaels

What you see here is the aftermath of an on stage fail where Bret Michaels tried to walk off stage, but was then violently assaulted by a piece of scenery. As you can see the scenery clearly won the battle and Bret was not too happy about this. It not only burst his lip, but he also broke his nose in what was quite a memorable accident for everybody that was honored enough to witness it.

2.Jimmy Buffett

This is a still of folk singer legend Jimmy Buffett falling off stage and knocking himself out in the process. Of course the show ended and he was taken to hospital where he spent the night before being discharged the following day. It was quite a spectacular fall and at least it was caught on camera for everybody else to enjoy witnessing it as well.

3.Marie Osmond

Ok this is not in a concert as such, but it was on stage and it involved Marie Osmond. The important part is the red circle because what actually happened was that she laughed so hard she peed herself on stage. Yes you got it right, she wet her pants in public and with an audience watching. Donny is beside himself and you can understand why, but Marie is in the process of dying with embarrassment.

4.Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was obviously feeling a bit left out with all of this falling over stuff going on that she decided to join in and take her own tumble. The best part is that she was not even doing much when it happened, so that does make the fall a bit more special because you can kind of understand it when it is an energetic dance routine, but she was basically just standing there!! Well done Christina you really did manage to do a spectacular fall for no reason.

5.Lady Gaga

This is Lady Gaga managing to do something that is actually not that easy to do. Here she was sitting down at a piano for one of her numbers up until a point where she decided to no longer sit at her piano, but instead to try to play it from the floor. How anybody can fall off like this is anybody's guess, but she managed to do it in concert, so congratulations to her.

6.Madonna 2

This still should actually be named 'Madonna coming at you' as it was taken just a split second before she decided to really get up close and personal to her fans and tumble off stage. This does appear to be a regular occurrence for her, which is worrying in itself, because surely touching their hand is going to be enough for most of them and they do not need her to basically head butt them? Get a grip of yourself Madge.

7.Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is quite a talented guy, but you did not expect him to try to cover up a fall by turning it into a roll and then getting up as if it was actually all part of the act. However, this did not work as everybody did indeed realize that it was not intended and in actual fact he had made an idiot of himself. At least he gets 10 out of 10 for trying to cover up his mistake as a spur of the moment thing.



This is quite a spectacular fail in that it involved Pink not being put into a harness correctly before both she and an assistant were thrown across the stage with her landing in a barricade. This was clearly not part of the show and neither was her clambering up on stage before then being taken away in an ambulance to hospital. At least she tweeted an apology to fans, while in the ambulance, to make them feel better.

9.Steve Tyler

Falling off stage due to your own mistake is one thing, but being smacked off stage by somebody else in your band has to be even more embarrassing. That is the situation that Steve Tyler faced with one of his shows with Aerosmith as this snapshot shows. He was clearly doing a singing to the crowd type thing when the guitarist got a bit too close and knocked him over. Imagine the shock of the people in the crowd when his face was suddenly getting a lot closer.



This is actually Bono not just falling on stage, but actually falling off stage at a show. This must have been seriously embarrassing for him to be standing there singing, then to suddenly be on the floor at the side of the stage, but probably still trying to sing. It might have dented his ego for at least two seconds, so perhaps he needs to fall off a bit more often.

11.Jennifer Lopez

This is Jennifer Lopez deciding to take a tumble during one of her routines and you can see that one dancer is looking at her in a kind of, what are you doing? While the other one is either doing a bit of the routine or is planning on extending his arm from that position in order to pick her up. Oh and she does not look happy at all.


12.Joe Jonas

During a show, Joe Jonas not only fell, but he also managed to land on broken glass. However, like the true professional he carried on even though he was indeed bleeding, but he did take it too far by making sure that he still allowed some fans to touch his hand even though it was now in a bit of a mess. Imagine those girls looking at their hand after it and freaking out at the sight of blood. Way to go Joe.

13.Katy Perry

On stage, and also on live TV, this is Katy Perry suddenly deciding to take a close look at what the floor has to offer. You can tell that the guitarist, and what is it about it happening near guitarists, is frantically trying to grab her, but failing leaving her to be left feeling slightly embarrassed in front of her fans.

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Even pop royalty can end up making mistakes as this shows Madonna lying flat out on her back after taking a tumble at a show. The best part is that you do not know if the guy with the guitar is screaming in fear of it or just in absolute stitches at her having taken a tumble. At least she did not have that pointy bra on or there really could have been an accident.

15.Mariah Carey

Yes this is Mariah Carey going for a fall on stage while two of her dancers fail miserably at trying to stop her. You can just tell that she probably threw a hissy fit at the stage and sacked it instantly before going on to claim it was part of the act and she would be repeating it on a daily basis.


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