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Hilarious Clubs Fails

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 9:39 am

1.Just too orange

Surely somebody must have thought about telling this girl that she is indeed far too orange to be going out? This is a girl that has used cheap and horrible fake tan and she now looks seriously strange and it is just made worse by the way that her friends just look a normal color.

2.Not quite fitting

There is just not enough skin on show with this outfit is there? Only joking because it is the opposite that is true because you more than likely want to see more of the denim in order to stop it from hurting your eyes.

3.Nice timing

There are several photographs doing the rounds that show this very thing and with every single one you just wish that there was also a photograph showing what happened a couple of seconds later on. You know that the reactions would be completely different and it is understandable as to why.

4.Suck her face off

This kiss is a major club fail because he has basically decided to try to kiss her in the same way as a Saint Bernard dog might try to lick your entire face off in one easy move. He is just devouring her and she is probably just about to start trying to wriggle free of this plunger of a mouth coming towards her.

5.Too much face going on

This guy just has too much face going on for his own good and for that reason it is a fail. Just look at it, if you can as it is very strange, because boy is he trying to do so much here and she just seems completely oblivious to it all.

6.You want some???

Well surely this guy now has to be ashamed of his actions when he sees that it has been spread about online. It's not just the fact that he is standing behind them, but it is the fact that he has just thrust that part of his body forward in this manner that makes it the fail.


Well this seemed to be a good idea when it was first put to him, but now you just know that he is struggling big time and is regretting every single bit of it. Sure she is having a great time up there on his shoulders, but down below things are not as rosy as they should be.


8.Ahhh my eyesssssssss

Well this has to be a serious fail because just look at them. This has to be one of the most unfortunately timed photographs ever to be seen by millions and millions of people because there is so much going on with their face that it is difficult to know where to even begin.

9.Just how are you dressed?

OK so if you go to a club you will often see people dressed in a rather strange way, but surely this guy would win some kind of an award? Just what on earth is going on here? At which point did he look in the mirror and think that he was now ready and over the moon at what he was wearing?


10.Is that your normal face?

You just know that this girl is going to be horrified when she sees that this image has been plastered all over the Internet. It is not exactly the most flattering of shots that will ever be taken of her or perhaps that actually is what her face is like?

11.Cheeky guy

Well this certainly takes some nerve to think you can do this at a club and get away with it. Now everybody knows that you are a pervert who goes around looking up skirts even in public and perhaps that is the biggest fail in all of this.


12.Unfortunate photograph

Well this shows you how angles can completely change a photograph. At first this started off all innocently, but as you can see it has evolved into something different and boy does it trick your eye as soon as you see it.


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