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Hilariously Stupid Signs

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:17 pm


You fear for the person that this sign was made for. Surely when they look over the balcony and see that there is a drop at the other side that they will be able to work it out for themselves that they are not on the ground level? Imagine making a sign to protect somebody that is that stupid.

2.What's this then?

Well if you are not to leave any paper notices in this area, then why are they using a paper notice to tell people not to do that in the first place? Does it really make any sense to you whatsoever? Surely this has to be one of the most stupid signs to have ever existed?

3.So that's how it works

At times you have to say that signs help us to avoid being absolutely stupid and this has to be one of those cases. If it does not open, then of course we are not going to enter because, erm, we can't! Thanks for the sign telling us the obvious.

4.I wouldn't dream of it

The big question here is who actually goes and stands on the wall in the first place? Is it spiderman? He is surely the only one that can do it, so that being the case what is the actual point of this sign? It really is absolutely stupid.

5.Confusion reigns

Well we all need some direction from time to time, but this is going to just completely confuse us. At one point they are telling us to go in that way, but then the next thing they are telling us not to enter, so which one is it?

6.Be careful

This is an example of a sign just being over cautious. Yes there may be a bridge that has collapsed ahead, but hey watch that you do not cut yourself on the corner of this sign!!.

7.Sounds interesting

This does sound rather interesting and what kind of emergency is required for you to burst this open and release it? It makes you wonder what is behind the red sign, but perhaps you do not want to know in case it scares you.


8.How do we see them?

This sign is hilarious as it mentions the existence of invisible cows. This is certainly something that will catch your attention, but then how are you going to be able to avoid them if they are invisible? Is their milk also invisible or does that appear out of nowhere?

9.Watch out!

The very fact that somebody felt the need to put this sign here shows that some people are just not understanding what a urinal is for. It does just make you think that there was indeed a person that was caught drinking out of it and looking confused in the process and that in itself is a scary thought.


10.Well of course!

This sign itself is not stupid, but its placement certainly is because surely it is a bit insensitive to mention dead end with a road called Cemetery Drive? You would have liked to have thought that somebody would have noticed this and realized that perhaps no through road would have been better.

11.You don't say

This sign is stupid because it really is stating the absolute obvious. You are in an area where there is a jail so of course you are not going to pick up a hitchhiker as you have absolutely no idea of knowing who they actually are.



This sign has to be a joke or else somebody in the shop has just not been paying attention when they were putting stuff out. It is understandable why you would not want anybody to try on the product and then put it back on the shelf, but do we really need a sign to tell us that?


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