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Hottest Female Cartoon Characters Ever

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 11:03 am

1.Barbara Gordon

Barbara plays on that whole 'I am a nerd' kind of hotness. Before she becomes bat-woman she seems like a regular nerd going about her business. Now, that is hot!

2.Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars has a few hot triggers going on at once. Long legs that go on forever, the longest shiniest hair you've ever seen, high heels and a short skirt. What more does one need in order to be considered hot!

3.Betty Rubble MILF

Betty was probably a MILF long before MILF's were even thought of. She is a mother and a great wife. Her hotness lies in her sensible approach to life, while her husband Barney is a bit of a clod.


Minerva just proves that in order to be sexy it is all about attitude. She has a small little animal-like face, ears and a rocking hot body. With Minerva it is all about loving herself. She has captured many people's hearts and driven them wild with desire for sure. Here she is looking back on her life!


She-Ra's hotness appeal probably lies in her strength. She certainly is a 'Don't mess with me', kinda woman? Here, she is pictured with He-Man, who else!


Here, Belldandy pictured left is indeed considered a hot female cartoon character. Perhaps it is her seeming innocence and large expressive eyes that capture the hearts of readers?


She is hot in your face and makes no apologies for it. Her name also begs attention. stripperella is an obvious female cartoon sex symbol.



When making a list of hot female cartoons Tinkerbell probably seemed like a non contender. Take a closer look though, she really has the 'girl next door face'. She also seems to have a kindly demeanor plus she can fly!

9.Betty Boop

What is it exactly that draws you to the allure of Betty Boop? Broken down she consists of a huge head, tiny mouth and out of proportioned body. All fitted together she is one hot smoking woman. Those eyes speak of innocence and the little mouth gives her a youthful appeal. Paired with a tiny in proportioned hot body and you have what is known as 'magic'.


10.Cat Woman

What makes cat-woman so hot? It could be her undeniable grace and smoking hot body. Like a real cat she stalks into your life then disappears over walls and up trees and buildings with such grace. Perhaps it is her nonchalance that makes her so sexy?

11.Wonder Woman

Many movie stars have tried to emulate her with little success. Cartoons are hard to compete with especially when everyone has a different idea of her. Here Finch decides she is on the slightly curvy side. Those thighs are rocking!


12.Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit has to be the hottest female cartoon ever born, or is that drawn? She once commented that 'She is not bad, she is simply drawn that way'.


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