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How To Control Your Emotions

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 6:44 pm


Exercise is one of the best ways to strengthen your body and your mind at the same time. Endorphins released during and after exercise allow you to better control emotions that seem to overtake your body. Be proactive and exercise daily to ward off any negative feelings that may creep up throughout the day.

2.Do Yoga

Yoga is another great way to gain control of yourself. It is a work out for the body and for the mind, that allows you to breath and move in unison, bringing peace from within. Emotions can sometimes rule our lives and cause us great stress. Yoga relieves that stress and brings us back into balance.


Meditation is a great place to start learning to control your emotions. By meditating you learn more about yourself, you let go of fear, anger, sadness and anything else that is holding you down. By bringing peace to your mind and emptying it of all petty things in life, you gain great control.

4.Let Go Of Ego

Ego often plays a huge part in how people mistreat each other. If you can let go of your own ego, your reaction to people and situations will be less threatening. Learning to control your emotions through realizing that it is your ego talking, is one of the best ways to be successful.

5.Recognize What You Can't Change

Recognize what you can't change. Sometimes now matter how much you try, you just can't change something. Instead of beating yourself up, or beating a dead horse, accept what you can't change and move on. Learn that you can't change everything and react accordingly. If you can do that, you can control your emotions.

6.Don't Blame Others

Take responsibility for your own reactions. You can't change others, but what you can do is change the way you react to them. You can't change situations, but you can change how you react. It's all about you. You are in control, you are in the driver's seat. Don't blame anyone else for how you feel.

7.Change Your Perspective

Change your perspective and change your emotional response. Sometimes if we look at things differently, see a different approach, or see it from someone else's point of view, it can take the sting out any negative emotion we might be feeling. There are always two sides to every story, right?


8.See the Bigger Picture

When feeling emotional, try to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes you can get so caught up with emotion that it is hard to see where it is all coming from. Take a step back, take a breath and look at the surrounding cause for what is going on in that moment. Almost always the bigger picture looks a lot better than the tiny piece you initially see.

9.Remove Your Self From The Situation

Sometimes it is best to just remove yourself from a situation. If the situation is causing you to become very emotional, whether that emotions is sadness, anger, insecure, or fearful, walk away. Sometimes you cannot do anything in that moment that will result in anything but make the situation worse.


10.Slow Down Your Reaction

Whenever an emotion overtakes you, slow down. Reacting too quickly can exaggerate your emotions and also portray ill feelings toward someone else. Take a moment to take it in, think first and then react. Taking a few deep breathes through your diaphragm can work wonders for regulating your emotional response.

11.Know Your Triggers

Learn what triggers certain emotions in you. Is it certain words, certain situations, certain people, smells, music? Any and all of these are emotional triggers that can send some people into a tailspin. By knowing your triggers, you can identify them before they begin to work their way inside you psyche.


12.Recognize Your Emotions

Recognize the emotions that you are feeling. Do you feel anger, sadness, surprise? Sometimes when we are feeling emotional we are not even sure what we are feeling. Identifying our emotions is the first step to controlling them, even if you have to make a log, and keep a record.


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