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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Tuesday, Jan 5, 2021, 9:32 am

1.Repeat in 10 Days

Repeat this entire process ten days later. There are cycles that bed bugs live through, and you can be subjected to another infestation if any bed bugs are left behind to mate. You may even have to do it a third time, after another ten days, to ensure complete eradication of bed bugs.

2.Kleen Your Entire House

If you want to rid your home of bed bugs the natural way, there is a product called Kleen Free Naturally. It's biodegradable and is not harmful to you or small children and pets. Clean every surface, furniture, behind chairs, in cupboards, drawers, baseboards, and anywhere you think bugs can be hiding.

3.Caulk Up Outlets

Caulk up holes as well as outlets and light switches. Bed bugs can crawl though the tiniest spots. Make sure you leave no stone stone unturned, and no hole uncaulked. Search through your home for any openings that could lead bugs in and out of your house, then seal it.

4.Vaccum Rug in Whole House

Vacuum the entire house. Start in the bedroom and hit every corner and crevice before heading into the hallway and every bedroom, and other room in your home. Vacuum everything including under couches, tables and in corner. Bed bugs can hide anywhere, so be thorough. A re-infestation can occur from just a few leftover bugs.

5.Wash Clothes

Wash any clothes that came in contact with the bed or in the vicinity of anywhere you found bed bugs, bed bug eggs, carcasses or droppings. Leaving clothing with bed bugs still in them can lead to further infestation or a re-infestation after you have cleaned your bed and surroundings.

6.Check Closets For Eggs

Don't forget to check your closets for bed bugs, or bed bug eggs. If you find any signs of these bugs, you must remove all your clothing from the closet and wash them in very hot water, drying them in very dry heat. This will kill any bed bugs that got into your clothes. Then vacuum the closet thoroughly.

7.Place Other Materials in Plastic Bags

Any other soft materials, such as stuffed animals, should be vacuumed and then put into a sealed plastic bag, that is secured with tape. This will suffocate the bed bugs and remove the risk of bed bugs further infesting your home. Leave in the bag for at least three days.


8.Vaccuum Other Fabrics

Vacuum any other fabrics in the bedroom, or anywhere else you find bed bugs. Chairs, ottomans, stools, etc., can all be infested, or become infested, with bed bugs. Remove cushions and vacuum every crevice, carefully looking for any signs of bed bugs as you go. Do as thorough job as possible to ensure the removal of these pests.

9.Toss Pillows

Throw your pillows out. After removing the pillow cases, dump the entire pillows in a garbage bag and after tying shut, seal with masking, or electrical, tape. Remove the bag from the house to ensure that any bugs in the pillows to not get into the rest of your home.


10.Remove Bedding

Once you know you have bed bugs, remove all the bedding; the sheets, pillow cases, comforter, duvet ... everything. Wash everything in extremely hot water and make sure to dry in a dryer set to the highest setting. Do not put the bedding back on the bed, or even in the bedroom, until you have rid the house of the bugs.

11.Check Mattress and Cover with Plastic

Next, check your mattress. The bugs hide under the edges. Examine all around the mattress and underneath, looking for living bugs, bug carcasses, or bug droppings anywhere on the mattress. Any of these are confirmation that you indeed have a bed bug infestation and immediate action is needed to get rid of them.


12.Check For Bites

The first thing to do if you suspect you have bed bugs is to check your body. Bed bug bits are tiny little red welts that are left in clusters on your legs, forearms, torso, or pretty much anywhere. If these bites are present, then you can pretty much be sure that you have bed bugs.


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