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Largest Casinos In The World

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:41 pm


This casino is in quite a cool building and it covers a total of 140,000 square feet. You will also have a total of 500 gaming machines and 284 tables to choose from and when you want to relax there are a total of 7 different bars and restaurants available as well.

2.Caesars Atlantic City

This casino is still very impressive at 145,100 square feet, but it also has just over 3,000 gaming machines and 163 tables to choose from. This is going to keep you entertained for a long time, but just be wary of how much money you end up spending.


This is a casino that most people that know anything about this industry have heard about and it is certainly an impressive building. The fact that it has almost 4,000 hotel rooms built on top of it does not count because the casino itself covers 155,000 square feet and it offers you 2,449 different gaming machines as well as 207 tables. Oh and you have 20 bars available as well.

4.Casino Lisboa

This is a casino that covers a total of 165,000 square feet of space and it also provides you with 1,000 gaming machines and just 26 tables to choose from. It is, therefore, pretty clear as to what people prefer to do here since poker appears to be virtually non-existent, but machines reign supreme.

5.MGM Grand Las Vegas

This is such a famous casino and when it comes to size it covers 170,000 square feet, so it is hardly just a small building. However, it has 2,300 different gaming machines available all set up in rows and there are 178 different tables to choose from as well, so you will always have something to do.

6.MGM Grand, Macau

At 221,952 this is hardly a small casino, but it is only the third biggest in Macau. This particular one has a total of 835 gaming machines as well as 410 different tables to choose from, so if you do not feel like being surrounded by thousands of different options, then this could be the perfect place.

7.Sands, Macao

Imagine covering a total of 229,000 square feet and being dwarfed by your big brother The Venetian. However, you do still have 750 gaming machines available and for a change there are more tables with 1000 of them to choose from, so you better prefer the likes of poker if you plan on going here.


8.Tusk Rio Casino Resort

This casino just misses out on being the fourth biggest in the world due to it covering a total of 266,330 square feet. Just like the Casino Ponte 16 it has limited things available as there are 257 gaming machines and just 12 tables including those for poker.

9.Casino Ponte 16

This casino covers 270,000 square feet, so it is hardly small with everything piled in on top of one another. It has only 320 gaming machines and 150 tables including those for poker, so there is a lot of space, but then it just helps to add to the prestige of the place.


10.Foxwoods Resort Casino

At 340,000 square feet it is strange to think that this is only the third biggest casino in the world at least with the amount of space it has available. This particular casino also has a stunning 7,000 gaming machines along with 400 different table and poker games, so it really is just a gamblers paradise.

11.City of Dreams

This casino is certainly very impressive as it covers 420,000 square feet as well as having 1,350 gaming machines and 520 tables including poker. It does mean that it is not as crammed full of things as The Venetian, but it is still a huge building for you to explore.


12.The Venetian, Macao

This is seen as being the biggest casino in the world and you can understand why when you discover that it covers an amazing 546,000 square feet. It also has 3000 gaming machines and 870 different poker and table games, so at least you will never be stuck without anything to do.


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