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Longest Rivers In The World

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 4:16 pm

1.Syr Darya - 1374 Miles

The 1374 mile Syr Darya River runs through the Tian Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzsta and to the Aral Sea. The Central Asia river covers a vast amount of ground as it zig zags through the country, under bridges and along the grassy shoreline. With mountain views, the river brings peace and tranquility.

2.Murray River - 1476 Miles

At 1476 miles long, the Murray River is the longest in Australia. Starting in the Australian /alps, the river runs across the inland plains, ending at Lake Alexandrina before dumping into the ocean. A beautiful river with mountainous, rocky coast line, magnificent views as the serene water carries you through.

3.Tocantins River - 1640 Miles

The Tocantins River runs north in Brazil, traveling 1640 miles through the gorgeous countryside. The name, meaning toucan's beak, is part of the Tupi language. The grand river is serene and gorgeous, with trees lining the coastline and reflecting in the water, like a painting. Art classes could use this river as an example.

4.Salween River - 1749 Miles

The Salween River translated means Angry River in Chinese. The 1749 miles long river starts at the Tibetan Plateau and runs into the Andaman Sea in southeast Asia. The beautiful river runs along lush coastline and great scenery as bamboo boats with grass shack on them, meander along the calm waters.

5.Sao Francisco River - 1811 Miles

The 1811 mile river that runs through Brazil is the Sao Francisco River, not to be confused with San Francisco. It is the longest river in Brazilian territory and is considered the fourth longest river in South America. The river coastline is rocky and grand, as the calm waters run along the miles of shore.

6.Yukon River - 1980 Miles

Sourcing in British Columbia, Canada, the Yukon River runs through northwest portion of North America. Running through Yukon Territory, the 1980 mile river lands in Alaska and empties into the Bering Sea. A long and winding river that makes up for the major waterways in the northwestern states of America.

7.Maderia River - 2020 Miles

In South America, the Madeira River is the major waterway measuring 2020 miles long. It is the biggest contributor to the Amazon River, and runs mainly along flat marshland. Calm waters and views for miles, this river is serene and tranquil. The long river ride takes you through beautiful country.


8.Mississippi River - 2530 Miles

The largest river system in North America is run by the Mississippi River. Contained entirely in the United States, the river starts in Minnesota and runs through the Appalachian Mountains, south to the Gulf Of Mexico. With its drainage basin reaching Canada, the river drains all, or parts, of thirty one states in America and two Canadian provinces.

9.Mekong - 2702 Miles

The Mekong /river is the seventh longest river in Asia and the twelfth longest river in the world, measuring 2703 miles long. Running through Southeast Asia the river discharges 114 cubic miles of water each year. A beautiful river with lush country lining the shores and grand mountain views and surreal sunsets.


10.Parana River - 3030 Miles

The Parana River runs through Brazil to Agrentina, starting in the southern part of Central South America. The second longest river in South America, the only other river that is longer is the Amazon River. Measuring 3030 miles long, the river takes you through Paraguay countryside, for beautiful scenery.

11.Yellow River- 3395 Miles

The second longest river in China is the Yellow River, also called the Huang He. It is the sixth longest river in the world at 3395 miles long, and the water actually does look yellow. It is a sight to see if in the area that most tourists flock to as the yellow mist sprays over bridges and lookout points.


12.Yangtze River - 3988 Miles

The longest river in Asia, the Yangtze River is the third longest river in the world. Running from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau through China and into the East China Sea in Shanghai, the river is 3988 miles long. Beautiful coastline on both sides of the river, make for beautiful sightseeing.


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