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Mind Blowing Pencil Art

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 6:26 am

1.Lips Pierced

This up-close lip and piercing was illustrated by Alycia Ryan. Her attention to detail is amazing; from sketching the subtle lines that all lips have, to the imbrication lines on the teeth. The showstopper of this artwork is the lip ring. The way Ryan was able to mimic steel and give it a mirror effect makes the image that more real.

2.Sleeping Baby

This is a stunning pencil sketch of a baby at rest. The shadows around the baby's nose, eyes and mouth help make this illustration three-dimensional. The subtle nuances on the baby's face and hands eradicate the need to draw lines to mimic folds in the skin. One can't help but go "aw" when they look at this drawing.

3.Taylor Swift

This drawing of Taylor Swift gives the singer a softer look. Swift has a slim face structure. However, the artist of this drawing made her face slightly bigger, but even with that change, it doesn't take away from her overall beauty. Her hair strands have the right amount of shading, as to mimic her signature blonde locks. But one major defect with this drawing is the awkward hand pose; it makes her wrist look broken. Did you know Taylor Swift has huge number of feet fetishist followers?

4.Sean Connery

A complex pose made into a superb work of art. The artist of this drawing is a master with the pencil. This illustration looks like a photocopy of a black & white photo of Sean Connery. Although the right side of his face is covered by a shadow, it places more of an emphasis on the rest of Connery's face.


Madonna never looked so gorgeous. She almost looks like a Barbie in this illustration. The tiny pencil strokes on her center-part and hair strands make her locks look effortless. Also, the hint of blue in her eyes grabs your attention immediately. It does seem as though the artist didn't remember to draw an earring in her right ear, but the real-life Madonna would probably do that as a fashion statement.

6.Fishtail Braid

Hair is one of the toughest things to draw, and braids are even more difficult to translate with a pencil. The girl's shoulders and back look somewhat animated, but the fishtail braid guises like real hair. The shading between each plait is what makes this look like a realistic braid. The artist also drew some straggly pieces of hair to aid in the authenticity of the artwork.

7.Converse Sketch

Still life objects are one of the easiest to illustrate. These converse sneakers look like they hopped straight out of the box. The artist's shading technique on the sneakers, namely the black portion, give it a textured look. The placement of the laces on both shoes doesn't look contrived. There isn't any depth to the inside of the sneakers, but that could be due to its positioning.


8.Samuel L. Jackson

This image of Samuel L. Jackson was created with what is known in the art world as the Scribble Technique. In place of using distinct lines, the illustrator scribbles the features and overall outline of the subject. There are tons of lines sticking out of Jackson's face, but there's no mistaking that this is him. Even though the artist used the Scribble Technique, they were still able to create the actor's distinct features around his eyes and mouth.

9.Caged Pup

This furry creation has the most endearing puppy dog eyes. His eyes look like pieces of glass, which resembles that of a real dog. The artist did a superb job of emulating metal and how it has a habit of shining at certain angles. This drawing makes you want to reach out and rescue the animal because of its helpless expression.


10.Edward Scissorhands

This is a terrific illustration of a memorable Tim Burton character. Though Edward Scissorhands was seen as a somewhat depressed character, the artist gave him so much personality by using a balance of light and dark shadows on his face. While this is an all-around great illustration, the scars on his face fall flat.

11.Elderly Woman

This detailed drawing of an elderly woman is breathtaking. A portrait like this must have taken days or even weeks to complete. While her face looks like more of an illustration, her clothes look realistic. The age spots within her wrinkles show a level of skill that not many sketchers possess.


12.Young Miley Cyrus

This illustration of Miley Cyrus captures the former Disney kid's innocence and youth. Everything about this drawing is a carbon-copy of Cyrus. The one thing that stands out the most is the singer's eyes. Her eyes are so life-like, that they appear as though they are looking right through you. Even the artist's blending, light and shadow technique on her lips makes them look like they are adorned with lip gloss.

13.President Obama

This is a wonderful drawing of President Barack Obama. Drawing realistic-looking crow's feet, laugh lines and African American hair is not an easy task for an illustrator. But this artist managed to draw those features on President Obama without making the drawing look flat. Though the photo is not in color, the artist nails Obama's features, making it easy to tell that he is of mixed ancestry.

14.Kitty Cat

This stunning kitty illustration looks just like a black & white photo. This artwork was sketched by an artist named Paul Lung back in 2010. This is just one of his many hyperrealistic cat drawings. Though this is just a drawing, Lung's technique and pencil strokes make this artwork come to life.

15.Angelina Jolie

People have always said that Angelina Jolie is a work of art, and now thanks to this illustration it's true. The photo's black background makes Jolie pop out even more. The use of shading and shadows makes certain parts of Jolie's face glow; almost like when a professional photographer takes a snapshot. The artist was also able to capture those piercing eyes Jolie's known to have.


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