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Most Amazing Bird Formations In Sky

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 4:41 pm


These daring birds are playing with the ocean, as they fly from the waves in a creation that looks to be a wave in itself. Maybe they were sitting on the water when the wave came in, and they took flight, or maybe they are diving into the waves and back up. Play time for birds.


This bird formation looks like the entrance to another dimension in the sky. Created at sunset, it's an eerie display of worlds colliding. Birds have an instinctual nature and if you ever see a formation of birds flying in a certain direction, you can ascertain that a storm might be brewing.


These birds are sending us love in the form of a beautiful bird formation. A giant heart at sunset for all the lovers out there taking in nature and kissing in the orange glow. A gorgeous display with an unmistaken shape that makes us wonder it is exactly that birds know.


These bird formations can take on any form depending on the eye of the beholder. I see an antacid floating downward into a glass, with the fizz coming off the top. Others see a tongue with bubbles coming off it, or a flying carpet. What is it that you see in this formation?


This bird formation looks like a giant insect, or it could appear to be mountain tops, but whatever it is, it spans a long distance. If all of these birds landed at one time, would it look like the birds in Alfred Hitchcock's infamous thriller, where hundreds of black birds land in a playground before attacking the school children?


A tornado of birds as it appears the birds are taking off, circling and then dispersing outward. Who is the leader of these bird groups who sets the precedent of where they go and how they do it? We will probably never know, but you have to admit there is some uniformity here.

7.Mushroom Cloud

At first this could be a scary sight. It's so lifelike, people may think it is an actual mushroom cloud, and run for cover, but upon closer inspection, these are birds. A flurry of birds taking off into the sky and hovering about, until they are all together, before heading somewhere. A great sight to see.


8.Smiley Face

It just took three birds to create this illusion, but it was done with perfect timing and precision. A trainer couldn't even pull this off after years of work with these flying creatures, yet they did it on their own with the perfect angle for the camera. Maybe birds really are just smiling down on us.


This is a truly amazing display as we see a dolphin with air bubbles coming out of the top of him, as he sails over the sky. Looking like something out of a Disney movie, it's a sight to beyond in the sunset. Magical and awe inspiring, it's hard to believe that birds formed this image.


10.A Bird

Are these birds trying to tell us that birds rule the world, by creating a gigantic replica of themselves? It would seem so as the perfect lines and shading give the appearance of a bird looking up to the sky, with it's wings out and ready to fly. An amazing display for sure.

11.Donald Duck

This bird formation looks oddly similar to Donald duck. The face and the duck bill perfectly formed by the flocks of birds flying together. Is it just coincidence that the density of the birds in certain areas creates the illusion, or are they all paying tribute to the famous duck.


12.Exclamation Point

It's purely amazing the different shapes that can be see as birds fly together, or migrate. It's not as if they plan to make a shape, like a fighter pilot show, they just fly together and we see these amazing formations right before our eyes. And we never really know for sure, if they're not trying to tell us something.


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