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Most Amazing Christmas Trees From Around The Globe

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 4:12 pm

1.German Waterfall Tree

This tree resembles a glowing waterfall. This is actually one of the largest Christmas trees in the world. This gorgeous spectacle comes from Dortmund, Germany. The tree is reportedly 45 meters high and weighs 30 tons. This tree is also made from 1,700 smaller trees and ornamented with 40,000 lights.

2.Electric Christmas Tree

This is one electrifying Christmas tree. This electric tree was created in England, by a designer and illustrator named Gary Card. The creative designer drew inspiration for the tree from the Vauxhall Ampera. One of the most amazing features of this slender tree, is that when it is lit it reveals a glowing engine-like device encased inside.

3.Largest Murano Glass Christmas Tree

This is the kind of tree that you do not want your kids to help you trim. It is known as the world's largest blown glass tree. It is located in the central Campo Santo Stefano square in Italy. This delicate creation was made by master glass artist, Simone Cenedese. The tree may not seem like much, but it weighs three tons and measure 8.5 meters tall. The tree also approximately 1,000 glass tubes.

4.Electronic Christmas Tree

This is one tree that does not need any additional lights. This uniquely-shaped tree was created in Brussels, Belgium. The tree was created by the French collective 1024 Architecture. The structure is called the 'Abies Electronicus' and stands at 82-foot. When it made its debut at the city's central square, the tree would come to life with a gorgeous light and sound show for all to see.

5.Gold Christmas Tree

This gold tree is worth more than an entire lost full of Christmas trees. This amazing creation was developed by Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka. It is said that Tanaka created the tree alongside Walt Disney Japan, in honor of Walt Disney's 110th anniversary. The tree was made with a whopping 88 pounds of gold, some of which includes 50 popular Disney characters. The tree is not cheap, as it costs 350 million yen ( which is approximately 4.2 million USD).

6.Chocolate Christmas Tree

Chocolate lovers will get a kick out of this tree. This tree makes you want to grab a glass of milk and a toothbrush for afterwards. This is a 32-foot-high chocolate Christmas tree that was createdBy Patrick Rogers in Paris. Rogers created the tree to raise money for a television charity event to support research for neuromuscular diseases.

7.World's Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi is home to the world's most expensive Christmas tree. The stunning faux shrub is said to be valued at more than $11 million. The tree is a 40-foot tall artificial evergreen tree, but looks like a real live tree. The tree is adorned with a total of 181 diamonds, emeralds, pearls, sapphires and other precious gems. The tree alone costs about $10,000, with the jewelry it's decorated with being valued at $11 million.


8.Tallest Legos Christmas Tree

Legos aren't just for making houses anymore. In 2012, Asia's first LEGOLAND Park unveiled a nine meter Christmas tree creation. The plastic Legos tree was created with over 400,000 LEGO Duplo bricks. It is sad that it took over ten weeks to build the tree and it weighs over 6000kg.

9.World's Largest Floating Christmas Tree

If you're ever in Brazil around Christmas time, make sure you see the World's Largest Floating Christmas Tree. The tree was lit for the first time in December 2012 in Rio de Janeiro. This gorgeous tree weights 542 tons and measures approximately 280 feettall. On top of that, this Christmas tree, is adorned with 3.1 million lights, and was certified by Guinness World Records as the largest of its kind in the world.


10.Largest Living Christmas Tree in the World

This isn't the most glamorous-looking tree in the world, but its size has made a huge impact. This is known as the world's largest living Christmas tree. This huge oak tree is located in Wilmington, NC. It is covered with Spanish moss, and is more than 400 years old. The tree was first lit in 1928. Today, when decorated, the tree is covered with 5,250 colored bulbs.

11.Singing Christmas Tree

Feast your eyes on the world's first singing Christmas tree. The tree is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This Singing Christmas Tree was started in 1953 by a group of singers who were performing on the steps of a funer@l home in Charlotte. A year later, it became the first singing Christmas tree production in the USA.


12.The Tree at Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is one of the most recognized trees in the world. Though the tree changes every year, the tree is always the center of attention every holiday season. Every year, the tree is brought to Rockefeller Center (in mid-town Manhattan) weeks before it's officially lit. The tree is lit in late November or early December, and the occasion is broadcast on live television with artists performing to mark the occasion.


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